Why You Need to Brand YOU

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When you started with your network marketing company, you were probably taught to focus on the company, not on you, right?  

Focus on the products and the business opportunity.

When you're building your network marketing company online, however, it's best not to focus on the company but instead focus on YOU.

You are your own most valuable asset.

Why is that?

People don't do business with companies.  People do business with people.

People like to buy from people that they like, know, and trust.​

We all know this from experience.  If you are already in network marketing, then you probably buy other products from network marketing friends.

I know that if I need makeup, I've got a friend who sells it through mlm and I go to her.  

If I need kids books, I've got a friend who's a rep with a children's book company.

We all like to support people that we know, like, and trust.

The more you can put yourself out there and get people to see that you are a real person, the more they​ will feel like they know you.  

It's all about building relationships.  We are in the relationship business, after all, are we not?

Branding YOU increases your perceived value.​

The best way to stand out from the crowd and increase your perceived value is to brand yourself as an expert in your field.

The only way to do that is to stop selling the opportunity and start to sell yourself. While business opportunities may be a dime a dozen, leaders who can help others succeed are not.

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By positioning yourself as someone who has a lot to offer, you will stand out from the crowd of "me too" marketers.  

When people come to know, like, and trust you, and they see that you bring value to their lives, then they will be more likely to trust your opinion and buy the products that you recommend.  

If they are looking for a business opportunity, or they already have business but don't have a good mentor, then they may switch to your company and sign up under you.

In fact, this is how I ended up in the network marketing company I'm with now.  

My upline was full of leaders, but they all focused on the traditional "talk to everyone you know and everyone you meet" business strategy and discouraged online building.

So when I got frustrated with the traditional prospecting strategy and started looking to build my business online, I switched to a different company because I found someone in that company who was a real leader in online network marketing.​

Branding YOU insulates you from anything that happens in your network marketing company.

You may think that your company is around for the long haul, but the fact is that network marketing companies go out of business and restructure themselves all the time.

If you build an amazing team and a strong customer base, and then something happens in your company, you could lose your whole business in a heartbeat.

If you focus on branding yourself as an authority in your niche market, and build a list of social media followers and email subscribers, then you are totally immune to any company controversy or mishaps.

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Why is that?

Any network marketing business meets a certain need, whether it's health and wellness, beauty, safer cleaning products, etc., etc.

People will always be looking for whatever it is that you are selling, so if you can position yourself as a trusted expert, then you can recommend other, congruent products to your list, and you are not dependent on one single company.

Let's take a case in point.  In my "other life", I run a certified organic skin care and wellness blog.  

My blog is associated with my network marketing company, but it is not the only thing that I do.  I offer tips on how to identify toxins in products, how to read ingredient labels, as well as more general health and wellness tips that my target audience would find interesting like natural ways to get better sleep, or get more energy, etc., etc.

Over there, in that part of my life, I am positioning myself as an all natural health and wellness expert.

So if anything ever happens with my network marketing company, I still have my blog, my social media following, and my email list who are all interested in all natural health and wellness and I can sell other products to them.  

They already know, like, and trust me, and they have signed up to hear more from ME, not from my network marketing company.

Branding YOU ultimately allows you to make more money.

Let's get right to the point here:  If you are ONLY selling your network marketing company's products, then you are leaving money on the table.

Why is that?  Because typically 90% of people will say "no" to your network marketing business.

But you can still sell other affiliate products to those people who said "no" to your business.

Branding yourself as a trusted expert in your field allows you to offer other, congruent products to your audience.

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If you're in the natural skin care industry, for instance, and you're targeting people who are environmentally conscious and want to use greener products, you can also partner with other affiliate companies and offer things like "green" lunch boxes if your market is green mommies with kids in school, or online yoga memberships if you're in the health and wellness and fitness niche.

Virtually anything can be sold as an affiliate product.  

All you have to do is find a company and get approved.  (Note: you MUST have a blog to use this strategy).

A bit of a tech tip: you can find other affiliate products to sell by typing in " _____ + affiliate program" in Google.  Share a Sale is also an excellent hub for lots of affiliate programs.

And if you find that you have a lot of people who say "no" to your business because they are ALREADY in a network marketing company, you can offer them training courses as an affiliate.

"Oh!  You've already got a company you love?  That's amazing!  Do you want to learn how to brand yourself on Facebook and get loads of leads through social me?  Can I recommend a course that I think you'd love?"​

And if you don't already have training products to offer people who say "no" to your business, CLICK HERE to get your hands on one of the most comprehensive network marketing affiliate programs around and discover how you can make 40-100% commission selling things to people who say "no" to your biz op.

So that, my friend, in a nutshell is why you need to brand YOU.

It increases your perceived value.

It helps you build relationships and trust with your audience.

It insulates you from anything that happens in your company.

It makes you MORE money because you can offer other products to people who say "no".​

Now that’s freedom!

Rebecca Vendetti


Rebecca Vendetti

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Rebecca is a mother of young twins, a Ph.D. candidate at McMaster University, and a total content marketing ninja. She is the founder and creator of RebeccaVendetti.com and also runs an online organic skin care business at LiveSimpleLiveOrganic.com.

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