What is Value? How to Add Value to The Marketplace As a Network Marketer

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As a network marketer, especially if you are building your business online, you need a way to stand out from the crowd.

Adding value to the marketplace will help you to rise above the noise and turn you into a leader that people want to follow.

Just take a moment and think about this.  How many network marketers do you know who just post their business and their products on Facebook?  What makes them different from everyone else doing the same thing?

Absolutely nothing.

Building your business in this manner will sometimes work.  Maybe you’ll encounter a few people who actually want what you are offering and they will become customers or join your team.

But more often than not, just posting your business and your products on Facebook makes you come off as a pushy salesperson.

And I know the reassurances that we all tell ourselves.  “When people talk about you behind your back, remember that they are behind you for a reason.”

But the hard truth of it is that this “push” style of marketing simply doesn’t work for more than 90% of network marketers.  

There has to be a better way, hasn’t there?

Well, rest assured that there is a better way to build your business than pushing it onto everyone you know and everyone you meet and hoping that something sticks.

When you add value and you get the right people to your stuff (your blog posts, your videos, your social media pages) then you position yourself as an authority, you build trust and rapport with your audience, and you turn cold prospects into raving fans, customers, and team members.

How to Add Value as a Network Marketer

Adding value really just means solving problems.

So how do you add value to the marketplace as a network marketer?  Go out there, find out what problems your target market has, and solve them.

Simple as that.

But let’s get one thing straight first.  “Solving problems” does not mean offering your business as a solution to a financial need.  It does not mean offering your products as a solution to a need for weight loss, or safer cosmetics, or green cleaning products.

It means actually solving problems.

Let’s take a look at an example to see what I mean.

Let’s imagine that Jane, our fictional character, is a mother of 3 young kids and she wants to use healthier, safer, and more eco-friendly products on herself, her kids, and in her house.  Adding value would be writing blog posts or creating videos that help Jane identify common toxins in skin care products, or sharing DIY recipes for all natural household cleaners, or writing reviews on common cleaning products or kids’ products and doing in-depth ingredient analysis.

Say you’re targeting Melissa, who’s a working mom of 2 young kids and who wants to stay fit but has almost zero time to herself.  You can create quick 10-minute workout “cheat sheets” (take a handful of exercises that each target one area of the body, give quick instructions on how to do them, and find a free or cheap image that illustrates the exercise and package it all up into a PDF).  Post healthy meals that she can make in 30 minutes or less.  Do a round-up of all the great salad-in-a-jar recipes that you can find on the internet.

Maybe you want to teach stay at home moms (I have kids….Can you tell?) how to create an income in their free time with network marketing.  Go out there and soak up as much network marketing training that you can get and share it.  Teach this mom how to throw a successful home party, or how to prospect on social media, or how to create a blog and write what she’s passionate about, and pair it with network marketing to pull in an income.


How Does Adding Value Earn You Money?

This is simple, really.

The more value you add in the marketplace, the more people you help and the more problems you solve, the more people will love you for it and will come to see you as an authority.

That is your goal: to get people to associate you with whatever it is that you’re doing.  You want them to think of you every time they think of clean beauty products, or DIY essential oil recipes, or fitness in their free time.  

How does that make you money?  Once Jane learns how to identify toxins in her skin care products, and she wants to switch to a safer brand, then there you are with a safer brand.

Melissa loves your site and comes back for weekly challenges, healthy recipe ideas, etc., etc.  One day she sees your offer for the 10-minute fitness program and jumps on it.

Our stay at home mommy, let’s call her Patricia, starts reading about how to prospect on social media.  She absolutely LOVES your tips and comes to see you as the social media maven that you are.  She doesn’t really click with her upline, and they’ve been discouraging building her business online, so she clicks on your “work with me” button because she wants to work more closely with you.


So that, in a nutshell, is what value is, how to add value to the marketplace, and how doing so will earn you money.

Make sense?

Got it?

Now go do it.

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Rebecca is a mother of young twins, a Ph.D. candidate at McMaster University, and a total content marketing ninja. She is the founder and creator of RebeccaVendetti.com and also runs an online organic skin care business at LiveSimpleLiveOrganic.com.

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