​Creating Your Digital "Warm List" | Day 3

What is a Digital "Warm List" & Why Do You Need One?

​What if your "100 Person List" was made up of ONLY interested prospects?

A digital "warm list" is a list of people who know who you are and have said "Yes, I want to hear more about what you do".

It is better than a 100-person list (your "warm market" in so-called 'real life') because it is not just a list of people who know, like, and trust you. It is a list of people who know, like, and trust you (or are well on their way there) AND who have already expressed interest in your business.

What's even more amazing about your digital "warm list" is that you can automate most of it.

Instead of going out and talking to one, or maybe 2 or even 3 people at a time, you can have your videos, podcasts, blog posts, and emails talk to tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people at a time. Talk about time leverage!

Here's an example to illustrate this principle.

Imagine that you have 4 loads of laundry to do. (This is often the case in our house! 3 year old twin boys plus entrepreneur parents = lots of laundry and no time!)

If you put 1 load in the wash, wait for it to finish, dry it, wait for that to finish, and then start the 2nd load, it will take you 4 hours. If you put the 2nd load in the wash while the 1st load dries, etc., then you can cut your time down to nearly half.

It's the same with digital prospecting.

Instead of talking to one person at a time, taking them through the whole 'recruiting funnel' (find them, get to know them, 'warm them up', sit down for a business presentation, sign them up to your team, train them) and then move onto the next person, you can automate most of this process so that you have your email marketing campaign, for instance, do the 'warming up', the business presentation, and the selling for you while you're out doing other things for your business.

Remember when I talked about blog posts and videos v. home parties yesterday?  With one home party, which takes you let's say 2 hours to do, you can reach maybe 10 people or so on a really good day.

With 1 blog post or 1 video, properly done and placed in the right locations, for that same 2 hours (usually less) you can reach literally thousands of people.

(Case in point: I have some videos that have thousands of views.  It took me an hour to create each one - sometimes less - and they have done the presentation for me thousands of times.)​

This is what I do.

I have 2 funnels running for me (we'll talk more about funnels next when we go over how to create a digital "warm list") that pull in leads virtually on autopilot. I create content in the form of blog posts and videos, share them on social media and optimize them in such a way that I get found in search engines when people are searching for my topic.

And then while I'm out playing with my kids, the system that I use actually gets prospects and sales for me.

Does that sound like something you'd like to learn? Set up a system that pulls in prospects and sales for you while you're out doing other things, instead of cold calling, calling family and friends, and hosting endless home parties in hopes of finding new customers and team members? We'll talk about how to do this next.

How do you create a digital "warm list"?

We'll talk more in depth about creating a digital warm list over the next 3 days.

But for now, what you need to know about creating a digital warm list is this:  

  • You need a business "hub".  The BEST hub by far is a blog, but having a social media presence will do if you're not yet a blogger.
  • If you're using Facebook you need, need, NEED to have a Facebook fan page.  Do not do all your promoting on your personal profile.
  • What you need to do on your business hub (your blog or social media) is to ENGAGE your audience.  Don't JUST sell.  Don't just post things about your products and your business.  Post educational, entertaining, and inspirational things that are relevant to your niche (your blog posts, other people's blog posts, videos, articles, inspirational images, etc., etc.) and start branding yourself as an authority in your niche.
  • The general rule of thumb: education, inspire, and entertain 90% of the time; sell 10% of the time.
  • This will set you up as a trusted authority.  Your audience will come to love you for the good stuff you're sharing with them.  Then, when they ARE ready to buy, you'll be right there, front and center.

Remember when I talked about how to do "pull marketing" yesterday?  It's the same thing and it's worth repeating.

A Bit About Content Creation and What To Share With Your Audience

You will be sharing content on your business "hub".

Ideally, you want to be creating your OWN content.  Unsure of how to do this?  Don't worry.  I am the content QUEEN.  I can help you through it.  

The bare bones basics of content creation: Solve problems in your niche market.

Are you selling essential oils?  Share DIY recipes for kitchen cleaners, cold and flu remedies, etc., etc.

Are you in the skin care industry?  Share tips on how to identify toxins in products (if you're selling a clean, "green" brand), or start a make-up blog, or collect the best tips for each skin type from across the internet and share with your audience.

Just figure out what your audience would be interested in reading (or watching) and give it to them.

In summary: a digital "warm list" allows you to leverage your time better than a traditional "warm market" or 100-person list. It is also better quality because people on your digital "warm list" have already expressed interest in what you have to offer. No more wasting time following up with dead-beat prospects who don't take action.

The basics of creating a digital "warm list" are the same as I gave for how to do "pull marketing":

  • Get a business "hub" (blog or social media).  
  • Create/share content.  
  • Generate leads (more on this to come).  
  • Sell to those leads.  
  • Follow up and engage with your audience.  
  • Drive traffic to your "hub" (you'll get a lesson on this coming up too).​


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To Your Success,

Rebecca Vendetti

Rebecca Vendetti

Total Network Marketing Ninja

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