Using Facebook Live to Build Your Network Marketing Business

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Facebook Live is my FAVOURITE tool for prospecting on social media right now.

If you are promoting your network marketing business on Facebook, then learning to get comfortable doing videos and jumping into Facebook live is going to get you a LOT of traction.

Why is that?

Facebook shows live videos to WAY more people that it shows anything else.

You can watch this video (below) and hear my numbers for organic reach.  (Organic reach = the number of people who see your video without your having to pay for an ad.)

Basically, what's happening is that Facebook is showing content from fan pages to less and less people.  That means that if someone likes your fan page, they may not see much or anything of what you post.  (Boo!)

But the good news is that some content is shown to a LOT of people.

The typical organic reach (Remember, organic reach = number of people who see your post without you having to pay.) for posts on your fan page is around 1-2%.  

Pretty low, right?

The reach for Facebook live videos can be 25% or more.

For my FIRST Facebook live video, I reached 25% of my audience in just one day.

I've heard stories from friends of mine who've been in the industry longer who have 1,000s of Facebook followers and who have gotten close to 100%  reach with Facebook live videos.

So that means that if you want a LOT of your audience to see your stuff, you need to do live videos.  

It doesn't matter if they watch WHILE you're live, either.  Ultimately, you do want live viewers, but even the recording (Facebook records and stores all live videos for you on your fan page) reaches TONS of people.

How do you use Facebook live to grow your business?

Do live trainings on whatever it is that you specialize in.

Keep them short.  Teach just one thing each time.

Maybe you'll talk about parabens in skin care products if you're a skin care consultant promoting cleaner, safer products.

Maybe you'll show how to make a DIY kitchen cleaner out of essential oils + natural ingredients.

Maybe you'll talk about how you used a certain nutritional supplement to help heal a sports injury.

The more value you add, and the more videos you do consistently, the more people will come to your fan page and explore.  

They'll be more likely to take your advice when you recommend products.​

They may poke around your fan page and click on your "sign up" or your "shop now" button.

And in some videos you can include calls to action like... "Head on over to my blog to see more about the skin care products that I use and recommend."  

"Click on the shop now button on my Facebook page if you want to get your hands on the products I use."

"Head on over to my blog if you want to learn more about...."  (then you fill in with whatever you do).

"Head on over to my blog if you want to learn more about...."  (then you fill in with whatever you do).

The more people see that you are adding value to their lives by providing inspiration, education, and entertainment, the more they'll come to see you as a trusted expert and then they'll be that much more likely to buy from you when they DO need your product or join your business when they ARE looking for an opportunity.​

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Rebecca is a mother of young twins, a Ph.D. candidate at McMaster University, and a total content marketing ninja. She is the founder and creator of and also runs an online organic skin care business at

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