Ray Higdon’s 6 Secrets to Happiness and Millions

This past May at the No Excuses Summit for online marketers, I had the pleasure of hearing Ray Higdon speak.  The talk he gave was entitled 6 Secrets to Happiness and Millions.

These 6 secrets are especially helpful if you are in network marketing and want to build online.

1. Decide that NOW is your time.

If you are waiting for the right time to start your business, or the right time to focus more on recruiting, or the right time to learn a new skill set that will help advance your business, then know one thing: that right time is NOW.
There will never be a perfect moment when all the pieces are in place.  You will always have some credit card debt (at least until you reach that coveted 6-figure income).  Your kids will always be loud and curious and needy.  You will always have other things that you would rather do than plunge headlong into business building when you have no guarantee of success. (Are we ever really guaranteed anything?)
Putting off decisions, and waiting to take action until some perfect time in the future will only get you further and further from your goal.
So shake off that desire to procrastinate, to stay comfortable, and decide that your time is NOW.
The length of time to your success is YOUR call.  You are ultimately in control.  The faster and harder you work, the faster you will be into results.  Stop waiting and change your story NOW.
Think about this: would you rather stay comfy and keep hobbies that aren’t helping you fulfil your goals, or would you rather become a success story?
DECIDE that you are going to CRUSH this.
Success won’t be perfectly automated.  You will have to work.  When you step up with commitment and decision, however, then things happen faster.  People are attracted to you not when you are stagnant, but when you are on the move.
And you know what?  When you commit to your own success, and approach your business with a success-driven mindset, resources will show up that you didn’t see before.  But remember: You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do with what you have.  We all start with little time and little money.  It’s what you do with the little time and little money that counts.
And finally, another Ray Higdon gem: Money doesn’t come from a SYSTEM.  It comes from humans.
  • think about the psychology of people;
  • how can you help people?
  • be vulnerable;
  • take them on your journey.
nothing worth having comes easy

2. No one cares what you need and no one cares what your quota is.

I’m sure you know someone who constantly makes these posts on Facebook (or maybe you are that person who constantly makes these posts on Facebook….don’t worry, we’ve all been there):
“I’m looking for 2 people who want to earn more money, 2 people who want to (whatever….lose weight, get younger looking skin, sleep better, etc., etc.), 2 people to host a party, and 2 people to refer a friend.”
Or how about this one: “I’m only 100 points away from reaching my goal this month!  Who needs some….(mascara, magic weight loss pills, magic memory coffee, etc., etc.)….and wants to help me earn Platinum (or Gold, or Region, or whatever words their company uses to signify rank)?”
Here’s the harsh reality: no one cares what you need and no one cares what your quota is.
Sure, your grandmother or your best friend might just happen to be running low on shampoo or fitness videos or whatever it is that you are selling, and buy something from you that month.  But that is not the way to grow a business.
At best, this method will get you a trickle of sales here and there.  And it will probably alienate a lot of your friends and acquaintances in the process.
So here is how you avoid being needy and ultimately unsuccessful.
You need to start solving problems.
You don’t have to have an impressive resume.  You have to just start solving problems.
 How do you do that?
  • Give great content (blog posts, videos, etc.).
  • Solve problems (I’m not talking “How to lose weight just by switching your brand of coffee”.  I’m talking real solutions to real problems.  Do research.  Find out what problems your target market is having.  Solve them.)
  • Don’t worry about aesthetics (how pretty your blog is, how impressive you look, whether your hair is good enough for a video today).  The important things is CONTENT.  Good content trumps aesthetics.
Follow your passion.  What are you passionate about?  Go out.  Learn about that one thing. And then SOLVE PROBLEMS within that niche.  To compete with your competition, you need to out-teach.  Do this and you WILL be profitable.
“If you focus on what your market needs, you will never go broke.” – Ray Higdon
either find a way or make one

3. Technology, Conversions, and Growth

When it comes to the tech side of building a business online, don’t get lost in the forest.  Yes, you need a blog.  And yes, you will need a capture page, and eventually a full sales funnel.  But you know what?

You can start with a very SIMPLE funnel: offer a free giveaway on on your blog.  Get your prospects on your email list.  Funnel done.

This is the super-simple 2-step funnel that the master himself began with, and it has resulted in a multi-million dollar income.

Think outside of your funnel. How do you get in front of more people?  How can you reach more of your target audience?  There are so many resources available at your fingertips!  Social media, forums, other people’s blogs, videos, podcasts, articles….

The key is to get your content out in front of more people.  Think about how you can get in front of more people, and how you can IMPACT more people.

A few things to remember.

  • Scaling isn’t always more ads.  It can be brand acquisition, which can mean a lot of different things.  Scaling basically means reaching more people without putting in much more effort.
  • DIFFERENT IS BETTER THAN BETTER (Always ask yourself “How can I be different in my marketplace?”)
imagination is more powerful than knowledge

4. Deeper Monetization

Offer ways to make bigger money faster. One way that many network marketers make big money online is through coaching. You don’t have to be a guru to sell coaching.

Ask yourself these questions: What do you know that others don’t know? And what do you know that people would pay you to teach them?

You don’t have to have an impressive resume to do coaching. You can be the education provider. Learn a craft and teach others to do it. Blogging, article writing, preparing healthy meals, etc., etc.

For example, in the health and wellness field, people will pay you to help them structure meal plans, workouts, etc.

The fact is that you can find ANYTHING online. The purpose of coaching is not to provide something unavailable anywhere else, but to make it easier for your audience.

Think about the guy who invented bagged lettuce. You can buy a head of lettuce for $1 and chop it up yourself, or you can buy a bag of pre-chopped, pre-washed lettuce for $5. People pay for convenience. A lot of people have more money than time and they will pay you to do something for them.

dreams are only dreams until you wake up and make them real

5. Be a good steward (of money)

  • Put a % of sales towards investing and toward giving.
  • Invest in education. Get around people who are bigger thinkers, and who have accomplished more.
  • Be a good buyer if you want good buyers.  You attract the energy of you.
  • Create reasons why you should make more money.
enjoy today

6. Time

Finally, consider the importance of time.  Time is your most valuable asset.  You can always make more money, but you can never get time back.

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Rebecca is a mother of young twins, a Ph.D. candidate at McMaster University, and a total content marketing ninja. She is the founder and creator of RebeccaVendetti.com and also runs an online organic skin care business at LiveSimpleLiveOrganic.com.

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