Creating Your Digital "Warm List" | Day 2

Push v. Pull Marketing: How To Get Qualified Prospects To COME TO YOU

Discover what door to door salesmen and bricks and mortar stores can tell you about your network marketing business.

Alright. Have you given up on "push marketing" yet? Asking every single person you meet if they want to join your business really is a waste of your time. It's ineffective and it's exhausting!

So let's talk about a better approach, what I'm calling "pull marketing".

"Pull marketing", in the world of online marketing, is actually called "attraction marketing", and it is basically what it sounds like. It is the art of pulling, or attracting, prospects to you instead of you going out and finding them.

You can pull in prospects through a blog, through videos or podcasts, and through social media.

The key in pull marketing is getting content out in front of the right eyeballs. Once you do that, your content (your videos, blog posts, podcasts, etc.) act like magnets that attract prospects to you.

Think of it like having a bricks and mortar store instead of being a door to door salesman.

The store-owner is engaged in "pull marketing" through traditional advertising, word of mouth, and the simple existence of their storefont.

The store owner has customers come into the store already interested in what they have to offer, and all they have to do is provide the products that the customer is looking for.

The door to door salesman is engaged in "push marketing", going to everyone in the neighbourhood and pushing their product or service onto literally everyone.

Who would you rather be?

Why Pull Marketing Works Better Than Push Marketing

Pull marketing works better than push marketing because in pull marketing...

  • You are attracting people who have already expressed an interest in whatever it is that you are doing.
  • You can publish content that works for you 24/7 for years (I have one particular blog post that gets a lot of attention for my business that I wrote over a year ago.  It still gets traffic and pulls in leads.)
  • You can better leverage your time.  (I create blog posts and videos at night when my kids are asleep and I've totally abandoned doing home parties that used to eat up my weekends.  One blog post or one video, properly done and placed in the right locations can "talk" to literally thousands of people for you.  Doing one home party you can talk to 2 or 5 or maybe 10 people at once.)
  • You don't waste your time prospecting people who are not interested.

How Do You Do Pull Marketing?

We'll talk about that more in depth in the next 5 days.‚Äč  

But the basics of how to do pull marketing are this: 

  • Create content (blog posts, videos, podcasts, or social media "stuff" like videos, status updates, sharing articles).
  • Generate leads and build your list.  (This can be social media followers or email subscribers.)
  • Sell to those leads.
  • Follow up and engage with those leads.  (Through social media or an email autoresponder.)
  • Drive traffic to your "hub" (your blog or your social media page).

In summary: Pull marketing allows you to attract people who are already interested in what you have to offer. You don't have to push your products and your business onto everyone who comes within 3 feet of you. You can solve problems in your niche market and have people come to you with wallet in hand.

The Importance of Relationship in Pull Marketing

One of the key things that will set you apart from every other network marketer out there pushing their products is the relationship that you build with your audience.

In order to get people to buy from you, first they have to like, know, and trust you.  How do you accomplish this?  By helping them to SOLVE PROBLEMS before you pitch them on any products.

This is equally important on social media as it is in email.  A good rule of thumb to go by is to offer education, entertainment, and inspiration 90% of the time and sell 10% of the time.  

By offering your audience valuable information that is not trying to sell them anything, you are positioning yourself as a trusted authority.  Once your prospects ARE ready to buy, then you come to their mind as the best person to go to.


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To Your Success,

Rebecca Vendetti

Rebecca Vendetti

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