How to Sell Products When You Can’t Say Your NWM Company’s Name in Public

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Alright, so no network marketing company is quite that restrictive that you can't say their name in public.

But some come darned close.

This post is written for those of you in network marketing companies who can't directly sell or directly promote online.

These are the companies that don't want you using social media and talking about their products (or at least talking about them by name), and they don't want you creating websites or blog posts where you mention the company.​

Most people in these companies think that they are stuck promoting face to face in coffee shops, or talking to relatives and trying to get them to host parties.​

Or they try to promote on social media by talking about how they're with an amazing skin care company, or a they have a wholesale opportunity, or some such thing, and that they're looking to build their team.

These sneaky and secretive recruiting tactics typically don't work.

But the super good news is that even if you're with a company who doesn't want you to use their name online, you can still build a rockstar business using the internet.

Here's how.​

1. Brand YOU, not the company.​

The first thing that you need to start doing is branding you and not your company.

You can do this by focusing on some element of the company that you are truly passionate about and building a business around that.

Maybe you want to brand yourself as a vegan makeup expert.

The ladies that created this cruelty free cosmetics class did just that.​  In fact, they took things a step further and created their own cosmetics class offered on Udemy.

You don't have to be there yet (or ever).  But you can see how someone can get around restrictive company policies by leading with themselves and not talking about the company (and least not in the front end of their funnel).​

Samantha & Andrea, of the cruelty free cosmetics class, teach about skin tones, colour matching, highlighting, eyebrow shaping, and the importance of using vegan products.​  

They don't lead with their company.  They add value first (see rule #2) and only once you've learn a ton about applying makeup and makeup standards do you hear anything at all about products.

And they don't promote their company directly online.  They get you to love them first.  And then they can promote within company policies later.  (See rule #3 for how to do this.)​

​So how could you do this?

You could create blog posts and videos about cruelty free standards, how-to makeup tutorials, and even share vegan recipes if you're targeting the vegan niche.

You can do this with literally any niche market.​

  • You can brand yourself as an essential oils expert and share DIY recipes.
  • You can focus on nutrition and create blog posts and videos offering quick and easy workouts, nutrition tips, healthy recipes, and ingredient awareness for nutrition supplements.

The possibilities are endless.

The important part is that you focus on branding yourself as an authority in some niche that relates to your company.  Write and talk about what you're passionate about, and the sales will come easily.​

just be you cause you are amazing

2. Add value.​

Your primary goal is not to sell products.

Well...not really.

You want to focus on adding value: entertain, educate, and inspire your audience.

​A good rule of thumb is to entertain, educate, and inspire 90% of the time, and sell only 10% of the time.

Only after you have offered them something of value - DIY recipes using essential oils, quick fitness tips, makeup tutorials, ingredient awareness posts for skin care products - do you then try to sell any products.

By adding value to someone's life first, you build up your 'like, know, and trust factor'.  The more someone likes, knows, and trusts you, the more likely they are to buy from you later on.

If you can write blog posts and create videos on a certain topic, you can position yourself as an authority on that topic.  

Keep your audience entertained, inspired, and engaged, and then when they are in the market for whatever you have to sell, you will be front and center in their minds.

do what you love

3. Promote on the backend (i.e. in your emails).

This is how you get around the restrictions that don't allow you to directly promote online.

On your blog, in your videos, and on social media, you are just focused on adding value.  Maybe you're doing makeup tutorials, maybe you're sharing DIY essential oil recipes, maybe you're sharing healthy recipes and quick workout tips.

Once you have people engaged with your content, you can get them to sign up for your email list.  And once they're on your email list, they have given you permission to sell to them.  

It's only in your email that you will talk about any products, or offer any sales or promotions.

And even in your emails, you are focused on adding value.  

You might want to share a quick 5 minute makeup tutorial in an email blast, and then in the P.S. you can include a link to your shop where your customers can get an exclusive discount (if your company offers one), or just write something like "Click here to get your hands on my favourite vegan makeup brand" (or essential oils, or nutrition supplements, etc.).

Top tech tips if you have no idea where to start with an email campaign:

  • add the plugin "WP forms" to your blog if you're using a self-hosted WordPress site (or Optin Cat - they're super good too);
  • any drag and drop platform like Weebly or Wix should have contact forms built in; 
  • MailChimp allows you to start sending out emails to a list for free, and they make it super easy to make them visually appealing;
  • it's super simple on social media: just say "comment below" if you want into my newsletter where you'll get ____" (DIY essential oil recipes, or 5 minute makeup tips, or exclusive deals and discounts on organic products....whatever it is you'll be writing about and giving to your prospects)
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Rebecca is a mother of young twins, a Ph.D. candidate at McMaster University, and a total content marketing ninja. She is the founder and creator of and also runs an online organic skin care business at

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