August 5, 2016

Is Your Business Doomed If You Don’t Use The Internet to Build?

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Are you using the internet to build your network marketing business?

Some uplines, and some mlm companies, discourage their reps from using the internet to build, while others encourage social media sharing.​

The truth is that the advent of the internet and social media has completely changed the MLM game, and it has made sponsoring anyone with access to a computer extremely difficult.

​While technology has empowered you as an entrepreneur, giving you the ability to reach more people and to automate recruiting and sales, it has also empowered your prospects.  

They are now able to build an "electric fence" and shield themselves from "scams" after doing some "research" on Google.

In fact, for many MLM and direct sales companies, one of the most popular searches on Google - and one of the things that often comes up as a suggested topic - is "_____ scam".

And what's even most insidious about these "scam" reports?  They are often written by people who work for competing companies.

So if you are NOT online, then when you introduce a prospect to your company, they could go on Google, search your company, and find dozens of articles about how it's a "scam" by people promoting competing opportunities.

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What is the likelihood that you can recruit them after that?​

Or.... after you invite someone to a home party or a business presentation, your prospect may go home and discover one of their friends is already in your MLM company and decide to join them instead.

Or maybe they see an ad online for another network marketing opportunity and they become a lead for someone else.

​And what about after they join your business, try doing home parties and hotel meetings, face long drives and over-hyped events, and aren't making any money?

Well, they are either going to quit or they are going to ask the very same question that brought you here: How do I build my business online?​

At this point, if you don't have a strong online presence and a duplicatable plan, then you risk losing them.  I know because I was one of those prospects.

The first network marketing company that I joined discouraged online marketing for your business.  

I gave the traditional prospecting method of "sharing" the business with everyone I know and everyone I met a go for about 9 months, at which point I completely ran out of steam.​

I hated cold prospecting and the events I attended were mostly hype.  I was getting no traction with the strategies that my upline was teaching me.  

So I started to research "how to build a network marketing business online".

I found a course and took it.  

Then I found a negative review for the company that I was with by a competing company.  The competing company seemed BETTER​ than the one I was currently with.  It aligned with my values better, the products worked better, and it was more marketable.  And the guy who became my sponsor was obviously well versed in online marketing.

So I "jumped ship", as they say, and started building something else, with somebody else, online.

So how do you get your prospects from doing the same?

The answer is to build a KILLER online presence so that when your prospects are looking for company reviews, or tips on building online, or want a plan of action, then YOU are right there ready for them.​

How to Recruit Online Using the Internet

The key to building a successful network marketing business online is to be able to provide a solution based on what your prospects are looking for.

​According to Yanik Silver at the 12/06/2006 Kennedy-Glazer No B.S. Wealth Creation Seminar, 92% of people who go online are looking for information, not looking to buy.

Even if they intend to build eventually, it's reasonable to assume that they will be doing some research first.

So how do you take advantage of this and get yourself out in front of your prospects when they are searching for your company, or topics related to what you do, online?

You brand yourself as the expert in your field.

​Expert (you) + good marketing + good product = $$$

When people see you as the expert, then they will want your opinion and they will trust what you say.​  

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People want to be led to the answer to their problem.​

If you sell vitamins, position yourself as an expert in who can help people lose weight, relieve ailments, and get healthy.

If you are selling your MLM ​position yourself as a home business mentor who can help others created multiple streams of income from home.

If you want to learn how to position yourself as an expert, gather a following of your EXACT target audience, and start building your business online, then make sure to pick up your copy of my 7 Day Beginner's Guide to Becoming a Total Prospecting Ninja.​​

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Rebecca is a mother of young twins, a Ph.D. candidate at McMaster University, and a total content marketing ninja. She is the founder and creator of and also runs an online organic skin care business at

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