July 13, 2016

How to Use Twitter for Affiliate Marketing

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Twitter is a highly underused platform for affiliate and network marketing.

Perhaps the BEST thing about using Twitter for affiliate marketing is that you can get 100% responsive leads just using one simple strategy.

So let’s not waste time and instead dive right into why you should use Twitter, some important things to note, and then the simple 5-step strategy to get 100% responsive leads from Twitter.

Why Use Twitter?

  • Twitter is a great strategy for people with a smaller budget. The thing that costs money is the likes.  That’s it.
  • Twitter is an underused advertising platform.  That means that there is a lot of space out there for you to dominate.
  • Twitter has the same targeting capabilities as Facebook.
  • Most people use Twitter from their phone.  That means that you can be right there with them, get fast responses, and create massive engagement.  (Did you know that the average person checks their phone 150 times a day?  That’s way more than I check my computer….)

Important Things to Remember

  • Twitter is another distribution channel.  Just like with any distribution channel, the key is to add value, share content, and solve problems.
  • People go to Twitter for real time news.
  • There is really only 1 thing you need to focus on when running ads on Twitter: getting targeted people to follow your Twitter handle.  You can do this by running a “follow campaign” on Twitter and get your targeted audience to follow you.
  • New messages that you send to your followers show up on their phone, just like a text message.
  • If you target the RIGHT people, you can connect with them right away, and start figuring out their pain points, frustrations, and how you can solve them.
  • Most importantly: lead with value.  Don’t lead with sales pitches or product pitches.  That will kill your business.

How to Get 100% Responsive Leads on Twitter for Less Than $20/Day

Step #1. Create a “follow campaign” and target your audience.  Make sure that you are targeting the right people.  Find out what books your target market reads, what celebrities do they follow, what website do they like….?  Target those interests in your follow campaign.  Also target your competitors in your follow campaign.  If they like this other thing that is the same thing that you offer, then they will likely like yours as well.
Step #2. When you get a new follower, click on their profile and send them a personal message.
Step #3. Don’t lead with sales.  Ask them a question.  And don’t make it a salesy question.  Try to find their pain points, their desires, and their interests.  Ask them what they do for a living, why they are following you.  Start up a conversation.
Step #4. Send blog posts, capture pages, trainings, to people who express interest.  e.g. “Thanks for following me.  What do you do for a living?” or “Why did you follow me?” If they say “I’m in network marketing”, you can say “I have a training that might help you on how to generate leads on Twitter.  Would you like the link?”
Step #5. Go live and do trainings on Periscope.  (Periscope streams to all your Twitter followers.)
The reason that Twitter is such a powerful lead generating platform is that  when you message a person that follows you, or you do a training on Periscope, then instantly get a notification on their phone.
You now have a new prospect on the phone, and you didn’t even have to call them, you didn’t have to “pitch” them the business.  You just had to ask them a question.

What sort of questions should you ask your new followers?

Hey, how’s it going?  I just wanted to say thanks for following me.  What do you do for a living?  (Answer.)  That’s awesome.  Do you love it? (Answer.)  …continue conversation….
Hey there, thanks for following me.  I’m working on creating trainings for network marketers.  (ONLY if you are targeting network marketers.)  Can I ask what is the one thing that you are struggling with right now?
Hey!  What’s up?  Thanks for the follow.  Do you use Twitter for biz or personal use?
Thanks for connecting.  If you ever struggle with finding prospects, here’s a free audio called 29 sources of leads (include link).  <- If you link to a valuable lead magnet that solves a problem in your niche, you can EXPLODE your mailing list and get tons of new leads for very little money.
Thanks for connecting.  I see you like a lot of wholistic health personalities.  Have you ever tried to DIY your own kitchen cleaners? …. (No.)  Would you like my 17 Easy DIY Kitchen Hacks for free?  I create all my natural, chemical-free products myself now and LOVE it.  ….. (Yes.) That’s awesome! Do you need any more tips or recipes? I’d be happy to send you my 17 Easy DIY Kitchen Hacks for free?  I create all my natural, chemical-free products myself now and LOVE it.  (If they say yes, send them the lead magnet.)

How This Makes You Money

This strategy can make you money in 3 different ways.

  1. Your new follower might be looking for a specific product.  You can send them an affiliate link once you’re identified the problem and offer the product as a solution.
  2. If they take you up on the offer of a lead magnet, they go into your mailing list.  If you send them a blog post that they might find helpful, there will be an opt in to your mailing list at the bottom.  The key: Get them on your mailing list!  You then have permission to sell to them directly in your email campaign. 
  3. If they are looking for a business, you can build rapport, offer valuable advice and they might join your team.  

Always build the relationship first and offer value.  Never lead with a sales pitch.

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