How to Inject Your Facebook Business Page with More Power + Recruit Like Madness

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Do you have a Facebook fan page that is performing less that amazing-ly?

You get some engagement and you make some sales, but it's only here and there and mostly people aren't flocking to you for advice and products?

Many network marketers, when they start prospecting on social media, will focus on posting promotions, offers, product reviews, and business pitches.

The problem with this strategy is that you are leading with your wallet.

Make it simple but significant.

If you focus on adding VALUE, instead of leading with promos, sales, and calls to "join my business", then you will end up creating a MASSIVE following of people who love you and want to hear more of what you have to say.

But what is adding value?  And why is it better than upfront promotions?

Adding Value: How to Be Like Oprah

Oprah is a total powerhouse.

People listen to what she says.  If a book has a "Oprah's book club" stamp on it, you can virtually guarantee that it will sell millions of copies worldwide.  And she has made a TON of money recommending products and, well, basically improving people's lives.

Why do so many people hang on her every word and buy EVERYTHING that she tells them to?

Because she has positioned herself as a trusted authority and she has added value to people's lives.

People trust her because she's given them solid advice in the past.

This is the #1 rule of becoming a total rock star, gaining a huge audience, and making a TON of money by recommending products: Solve problems in people's lives.  

Add value. 

Gain people's trust by giving them useful things that will improve their lives.

Whether it's a huge improvement, like giving them the nutritional information they need to cope with a chronic illness, or giving them the business building training they need to finally make a ton of money and retire their husbands....

....or a small improvement, like helping them find a shampoo that works best with their hair type, or introducing them to new green smoothie recipes, or even just making them laugh that day.

Every time you offer your audience something that is educational, entertaining, or inspirational, then you build up your "like, know, and trust" factor.

And do you know what that does?

That creates a HUGE group of people who are now your new warm market.​  

Don;t forget to be awesome.

And we all know that your warm market is the best place to make sales and get business builders on your team.  These are people who already like, know, and trust you.  They want to see you succeed, and they trust the advice that you give them.

It's the same online.

As you share content that is educational, inspirational, or entertaining, then you start to position yourself as a trusted expert in your niche market.

That means that when someone is ready to buy a product, or when they are looking for a business opportunity, you are right there front and center as the person they trust most for that sort of advice.​

And that can translate into HUGE sales and massive growth in your team over time.

Just think....if you start building relationships and solving problems,​ then you'll start to build up a loyal fanbase.

As your fan base grows​, you'll see more and more people turn from fans into customers and team members.

Maybe it's just 1 a month at first, or 1 a week.  But as you get more eyeballs on your business page and more people following you, then 1 a week can turn into 1 a day, and then 10 a day, and then pretty soon you're waking up to dozens of emails from prospects who are ready to join, and from your company telling you that you have new customers.

That is the power of cultivating relationships, building an audience, and giving them good stuff on a consistent basis.

So how do you add value?

How to Position Yourself as an Authority and Gain Massive Momentum​

Here is a super simple way to start adding value and positioning yourself as an expert and an authority on your Facebook business page.

  1. Set up your "sign up" or "buy now" button.  Ideally link it to a capture page, but if you don't have a capture page (or don't know what a capture page is yet) then just link to your company's website.
  2. Start sharing your own content.  The easiest and quickest way to do this is with videos.  Shoot short videos (Facebook Live gets WAY more reach than sharing from YouTube) telling your story, and solving problems in your niche market.  Direct people at the end of each video to the button on your Facebook page for more information, or for the products that you recommend.
  3. Share other people's content.  Share inspirational images, blog posts, articles, podcasts, etc., etc.  You goal is to give your audience things that they would find interesting, entertaining, or inspirational.  Don't worry about who wrote it.  They'll give YOU credit for sharing it.

Bonus blog post: Want to know how you can quickly and easily get more prospects for your biz by sharing other people's content?  Be sure to read this blog post I wrote and start redirecting highly targeted traffic (i.e. eyeballs) to your offer.

But this is still fair high-level and vague.  Let's get into some examples.

Say your company offers nutritional supplements.  Shoot videos about the benefits of probiotics, share your own smoothie recipes, shoot "food hack" videos (you know, those 'you been eating a banana wrong your whole life' sort of videos).

If you're with a makeup company and you're targeting young mothers with kids, then shoot some makeup videos, but also talk about working from home with kids, or talk about soccer practice, give some tips on how to keep kids happy on long road trips.

This is crucial: not all of your content should be promotional.  At least 2/3 of your content should not be promoting a product, but just giving your audience something that they would find interesting, helpful, entertaining, or inspiring.

This builds up your credibility.  It also makes them love you.  

And then, when they are ready to buy, they'll take your advice on products because they already like, know, and trust you.

If you lead with the products first, then you are not building up the like, know, and trust factor.  Positioning yourself as a trust expert and solving problems will make you stand out from all the noise.

Did you find that helpful?  You can get even more pro tips on how to build your network marketing company online by picking up your FREE 7 Day Internet Prospecting Bootcamp.

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