How to Guarantee Your Success in Network Marketing in 5 Simple Steps

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Tell me if this had ever happened to you....  You're sitting at a coffee shop with a stack of business cards and butterflies in your stomach.  You finally work up the nerve to approach someone who looks like they might be into starting their own business.  "Hi,' you say.  "My name is ___ .  I'm with a company called ____ and we're looking to expand our team."  

You give a bit more of a business spiel.  You mention something about them.  Maybe they have kids with them.  Do you want to spend more time at home and earn an extra income?  Maybe they're hard at work on a laptop.  "Are you an entrepreneur?"  And you get shot down.  Again and again.  

But it's just a numbers game, right?  So eventually you get a few bites.  You book a few business presentations.  Maybe you even get a teammate or two.  But they quickly drop off or burn out or lose interest.

Or maybe you've called all your friends and family and had a few volunteer to host parties.  Most are not interested and come to one party to politely support you but say that they are definitely not interested in starting their own business.  But best of luck to you!

The problem is that relying on the traditional "talk to everyone you know and everyone you meet about your business" strategy leaves your business to luck.  

The total network marketing rock stars who build 6-figure incomes this way have amazing warm networks who are really receptive, and they talk to a TON of people.

But the reality is that this strategy doesn't work for most people.  It has a high burn out rate.  And it puts you at risk of alienating the people around you.

Saying that MLM is a "numbers game" is leaving your business to luck.

I get it.  I was there.  That coffee shop story above, that was totally me.  I tried the traditional "talk to everybody" approach and totally failed.  Throwing things against the wall and hoping that something stuck just wasn't working for me.

My frustration with my lack of results is what led me to go online and find network marketing mentors who were building businesses without prospecting friends and family, and without approaching strangers in coffee shops.

What I discovered was called 'attraction marketing' - basically the art of pulling prospects to you instead of going out and pushing your products and your business onto them.

Along with giving me predictable and measurable strategies for building my business, attraction marketing solved the #1 problem that so many network marketers have - it gave me more prospects for my business. And I didn't even have to sit in Starbucks with a stack of business cards.

But perhaps what's even more important is that finding mentors for my business allowed me to duplicate their system, and duplicate their results. I was no longer relying on luck. I had a proven system that gave me measurable results and I had mentors who knew how to make small changes to fix whatever was going wrong.

​Now what I want to share with you in this blog post are...

5 Proven Strategic Steps I Used to Guarantee My Success in Network Marketing...​

...and can help you guarantee yours.

These are the steps that I used in building my business, and I can tell you that I've earned more in a month doing this than in a whole year using the "just share the business" approach.  

Step 1: Find or Develop a Strategy

A strategy is a series of specific steps which, done correctly, help you achieve a specific goal.

Now let's get something straight from the beginning.  Just "sharing" the products and the business with your friends and family isn't a strategy.  It isn't a strategy because you it isn't specific and measurable and it relies heavily on luck.  

Luck is just another word for "MLM is a numbers game".

What you need in a business strategy is a set of steps that you can outline on a piece of paper.  What comes first?  What skills do you need to accomplish that first goal?  What comes after that?​

And perhaps most importantly, how do you fix it if it's not working?  Do you know what skills and what resources you need to improve your numbers?  Or are you just supposed to talk to more people?​

Does your upline teach you a specific, concrete, and measurable strategy for building your business?  If not, then you have 2 options:

1. You can create or develop a strategy yourself, which will take a lot of time, money, and effort.

2. You can find people who have already figured out how to be successful in network marketing and do what they do.

I chose option #2.  Why?  Because why reinvent the wheel?  

I tried the haphazard approach, actually, patching together different things that I had learned about building a network marketing business online.  

But it wasn't until I found a mentor who had a step-by-step strategy for success that I really began to get traction in my business.

In summary: find a mentor or a company that can teach you concrete and measurable ways to recruit your first team member, make your first sale, and make your strategy duplicatable.  

Step 2: That Strategy MUST Be Simple and Repeatable

I mentioned measurability and duplicatability above.  This is crucial to seeing success in your business.

You want a strategy that you can teach to your downline that doesn't rely on luck.  You want to be able to give them the exact steps you used to succeed and teach them the skills to do the same.

Just "sharing the business" with anyone and everyone is not a repeatable strategy.  Sure, your downline can repeat that same experience that you can with cold market (or warm market) prospecting, but repeating that will not make them successful without massive amounts of luck.

If you're going to be a true leader in network marketing, you need to be able to teach your team.  Each team member should not have to go out and develop their own strategy.  To see the huge success like the 1% see, you need to have a "plug and play" sort of system.  You need a simple strategy that you can teach to your team.

Now you don't have to be a total rock start at prospecting and recruiting right away.  You just need to have the resources and the steps in place.

The easiest way to do that is to find someone who's already nailed it already.

Find someone who has what you what.  Do what they do.  And you'll get what they have.​

In summary: your business strategy must be simple, measurable, and repeatable.  You want to be able to hand over the keys, so to speak, to your downline, and have the vehicle already running.  You also need to be able to identify where they (and you) are making mistakes and fix it.

 The "plug and play" system that I use is outlined in this FREE 10 Day Internet Recruiting Bootcamp.  Grab yours today and plug into a proven system.

Step 3: Gain Experience

When you treat your strategy as seriously as would any other business, and you the skills you need to implement all the steps you need to take, you gain experience.

There are 2 important take-aways from this step, 2 things that I learned through painstaking trial and error:

1. You learn through experience.  You gain experience by actually doing.  You have to do more than just listen to webinars and read books on leadership and prospecting.  

You have to put those skills that you learn into action before you become good at them.  You will become good at them through continual attempts.  You will hone your skills through trial and error.

Perfect is the opposite of done.

If you try to do something perfectly the first time, then you will never actually do anything​.  Do first.  Then learn from your mistakes.  Then do it better the next time.

2. Network marketing, whether online or offline, requires real work.  If you want to know how to make money right now, how to just put out some magic link and get people to flock to you, then you are setting yourself up for failure.

Get rich quick schemes plain and simple don't work.  Without real work, you will not see predictable results and sustainable success.​

Learning how to build a network marketing business online isn't a trick.  It's a skill set.  It is something learned over time, just as any other profession, by following what those who've already seen success are doing.  And it requires developing and refining your own skills until it become second nature.

So if you want to be a real leader in network marketing, you need to find a strategy and implement it.  Learn the skills you need.  Learn through doing.  Become familiar with the nuances of your craft.  And develop depth of understanding so that it becomes easy for you, and it becomes easy to teach your downline.​

What skills have I honed over time to build a network marketing business online?  Content development (i.e. writing stuff that people want to read), advertising, SEO (getting your stuff found on Google), copywriting (how to write things to get people to listen to you and do what you want them to), social media marketing (how to not turn yourself into a human spambot on Facebook), and the foundation of the whole endeavour: developing mindset.​

In summary: gain experience through practice and repetition.  Once you find someone who has what you want, find out what it is that they do and do the same thing yourself.  Learn the skills and develop depth of understanding so that you can teach the same thing to your team and inject your whole downline with rocket fuel.

Once you gain depth of understanding, you will be able to accurately measure your results and fine tune them so that you can tighten your business, do more of what is working and less of what isn't working.

Step 4: Pay It Forward

Once you have a repeatable strategy to follow and you've developed depth of understanding, and know the nuances of your craft, then you are in a position to teach what you know.  You can do this through blogging, Facebook, videos, emails, etc., etc.

​By creating a community and interacting with people who are in your niche market (i.e. people who are looking for what you have to offer), you are in a position to brand yourself as an authority.

By "paying it forward" - i.e. teaching what you know - not just to your downline but to the network marketing industry at large, you will accomplish 2 things:

​1. You will attract a huge following by offering people something of real value that they are looking for.

2. As you build your growing fan base, you will begin to brand yourself as an authority in your field and you will be seen as a real leader in the industry.  This is when you reach the stage of "push button" income.​

As you brand yourself as an authority in your field, you will begin to see prospects literally coming to you to get more information, buy your products, and join your team.

​In summary: when you "pay it forward" and begin to teach what you know, you can attract a huge following of people who trust your opinion and want more from you.

Step 5: Become a Force

Once you've mastered your marketing strategy and you're teaching others what you know, this is where you get the ability to recruit en masse.

What does recruiting 'en masse' mean?  It means that you can pull in 30-50 leads with the push of a button.  That might be pushing "publish" on a blog post, "send" on an email, or "start" on a webinar.

Once you've attracted a loyal following and you've demonstrated your value by paying it forward, you will have a huge list of prospects, a massive following of raving fans who want more from you.


Because they trust you and they see you as an authority.  You have the answers that they are looking for.

Most network marketers skip Steps #4 and #5.  If you skip these steps, then you may still see substantial success in your business, but you will always be recruiting 1 person at a time.  

The real money, and the time freedom, comes when you can recruiting dozens of people at a time, and train them all en masse.

How do you make money from this massive following?

1. If they get fed up with their own company and go searching for a different one (which over 90% of network marketers do) then they might jump to your company.

2. If you​ can take what you're learning in your business and turn it into video training, cheat sheets, checklists, and e-books, then you can create your own products and earn 100% commission on your own stuff.

This is where it becomes important to brand yourself independent of your network marketing company.  You want to put yourself in a position where you are not dependent on anyone but you and your own brand.

You can still earn money - and LOADS of money - from your network marketing company, but you want to be seen as an authority in your field and not just a representative of your company.  Once you can do that, then you can build a community and monetize that community like madness.

Now what I just shared with you works equally well offline and online.  If you want to build your business offline, then find a mentor who builds face-to-face and do what they do.  Tim Sales is an amazing offline network marketing trainer.

The benefit of building online is that you can create content, put it out there on the internet, and have it attract prospects to you.  Building online also makes Steps #4 and #5 much easier.  

Plus, building a business online means that you can build in the hour between the kids' bedtime and your bedtime.  Who wants to sacrifice weekends to prospecting anyway?​  I build my business mostly over lunch time and after my kids are in bed.

So if you want to start building online and learn how to generate 30-50 leads with the click of a button (remember the blogging, email, and webinar approaches that can reach hundreds of people all at once) then click here and I will gladly send you the 10 Day Internet Recruiting Course that I used to start building online.​

And now for a summary of the 5 steps....

  1. Find a strategy that is proven to work.
  2. Make sure that strategy is skill based, measureable, and repeatable, and that it doesn't rely on luck.
  3. Gain experience through repetition and gain depth of understanding as you hone your skills over time.
  4. Pay it forward and teach what you know not just to your downline​ but to the industry in general and build a loyal following of people who want more from you.
  5. Become a force.  Brand yourself as an authority and begin to recruit en masse with the push of a button.

And then finally get that residual, passive income that you crave.  Throw out your 100 person list and let people come to you instead of you chasing them down.

FREE 10 Day Internet Recruiting Course

Learn how network marketing pros recruit into their business - REJECTION FREE - using the internet.  Finally get the residual, passive income you crave without chasing down deadbeat prospects & leads.

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Rebecca is a mother of young twins, a Ph.D. candidate at McMaster University, and a total content marketing ninja. She is the founder and creator of and also runs an online organic skin care business at

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