How to Generate Leads on Facebook: 3 Proven Strategies to Get More Customers and Team Members

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Most network marketers, when they turn to the internet, start by prospecting on social media just like they were prospecting in 'real life': messaging friends, family, and acquaintances, and tying to set up business presentations.

​And if you've tried this method of prospecting, you'll know that it doesn't work all that well.  

You message friends and family.  You're SUPER excited about your new business.  You love the products.  It's something that most people use anyway.  And you can earn an income just by sharing with people you know, getting them to buy from you instead of the grocery store, or Amazon, or wherever.  And no bites.


Maybe a pity sale.​

You're putting so much effort in and getting such little reward.  It's exhausting.  It's discouraging.  Is this EVER going to work?​

I don't know about you, but I've definitely been there.

So how do you prospect on social media without spamming family and friends and without sending out unsolicited business pitches to your whole friends list?

There are, in fact, numerous prospecting strategies that can generate new customers and team members on Facebook WITHOUT prospecting friends and family, and WITHOUT turning yourself into a human spambot.​

Here are 3 proven ways to generate leads on Facebook.  (Spoiler alert: If you want to play with the big kids and do what the 6- and 7- figure earners are doing, then skip to Strategy #3.)

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Method #1. Facebook Parties

One way to generate leads on Facebook is to host Facebook parties.  These are almost exactly like regular home parties, only you can invite people from all across the country and they can attend in their pyjamas without ever leaving their homes.

​Some tips on how to host Facebook parties...

  1. Don't invite people more than a few days in advance.  If you invite too early, people will forget and not show up.
  2. Send out a reminder a day before the party, an hour or 2 before the party, and then 10 or 15 minutes before it starts.
  3. Have an incentive for your friends to show up.  Give away a product or a gift basket as a "door prize"​ and give away extra chances to win for anyone who brings a friend.
  4. Parties that last for about an hour seem to work best on Facebook.  Schedule a party for when your friends' kids are in bed.  Set a start time and an end time.
  5. ​Post photos of the products throughout the party and have people comment underneath if they want to order.
  6. Post product specials that are available only while the party lasts.
  7. Post photos of yourself in your pyjamas to make things more personal.
  8. Post some things about your company.  What makes you different?  Are your products cleaner, greener, safer, etc.?  Does your company do any charity work?  Why would people want to buy your products over the competitors?
  9. Play a few games with your friends.  Get them to tell you what products they already use, or what problems they're trying to solve and you can suggest a product that would help.  Get creative with your games.  If you sell makeup, ask your friends what their "can't live without" product is.  Is it mascara, foundation?  If you sell essential oils, ask create an infographic and ask your friends if they prefer floral scents, woodsy, fruity, etc.  (Have a list of oils under each category).  
  10. Have prizes for the winner of each game (enter each person who participates into a draw).  Give away well-wrapped and generous sample packs, or a full sized product, or a generous coupon.
  11. You could also experiment with 3-day parties or week long parties where people drop in when they're free.  Post one game per day and announce the winner for each game each evening.  Have an incentive for people to place orders during the days that the party lasts: a special coupon or discount or entry into a big product draw.
  12. Enlist your upline to help.  If your sponsor is available, have him or her participate in the party to get things rolling.  
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Method #2. The 'Mousetrap' 

The 'mousetrap' method refers to posting photos and status updates that show your results with the products or the business and wait for people to inquire.

You need to be careful posting earnings on Facebook, as posting your earnings can be seen as an income promise and can get you into legal trouble.

To get around possible legal troubles surrounding income promises, you can be more generic in your posts.  Talk about any milestones that you reach, like being able to cover a mortgage payment or a grocery bill with your network marketing check.

Using the mousetrap method with products is much safer.  This works especially well if you sell any anti-aging products or fitness products that show obvious results that you can photograph.​

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Method #3. Attraction Marketing​

Attraction marketing is hands down my favourite way to generate leads on Facebook.

Facebook parties and the mousetrap method will get you some prospects on Facebook, but the problem is that it is requires A LOT of effort.  Both of these methods rely on recruiting one person at a time.  As a result, you are extremely limited in how big you can grow your business, and how fast.​

The best way to generate leads on Facebook is to brand yourself as an authority in your niche market and get in front of the right audience.  

You can do this through attraction marketing, which is the art of drawing your target market to you, instead of you pushing your products and your business onto anyone within 3 feet of you.​

​Attraction marketing is what I use to generate leads on Facebook and online in general.  It is also the strategy that I have seen numerous 6- and 7-figure earners recommend.  This is how they go from having $100 months to having $10,000 months.

Here are the basics of using attraction marketing to generate leads on Facebook:

  1. Create a Facebook fan page.  Don't use your personal page to promote your business.  (You can go here and watch this short video to see why.)​
  2. Share valuable content on your Facebook fan page.  This should include your blog posts, other people's blog posts, inspirational images, and anything else that your target market would find useful, entertaining, or inspiring.
  3. Don't use your fan page JUST for selling.  90% of your posts should be valuable content.  Only 10% sales.
  4. Build a massive following of loyal fans who want more from you.  (You do this by adding value to the marketplace.)
  5. Monetize this following through product offers, affiliate sales, and your own products (Warning: creating your own products is a super ninja network marketing technique that you can learn once you have the basics down.)  This is best done through an email campaign.

To implement all these steps you'll need a blog, a Facebook fan page, and a way to collect emails from people who want more content from you.

Once you have the basics in place for branding yourself as an authority and attracting a following of loyal readers and customers, you will be able to recruit en masse with a push of a button.  

Forget the days of recruiting 1 person at a time and wasting time following up with people who don't take any action.  If you can master this technique, you can recruit 30-50 customers and team members with the push of a button.  


Whether that's pushing "publish" on your blog, "start" on your webinar, "record" on your Facebook live video, or "send" on your emails.

This creates "push button" income because you build trust with your audience and they see you as the authority on your topic.  When you recommend a product, you can see dozens or hundreds of people​ take action based on a single blog post, video, or email.  And you can have those blogs posts, videos, and emails out there working for you over and over again.

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