How to Do Network Marketing Online: 3 Proven Strategies

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They say that attending events is one of the crucial elements of success in network marketing.  Often, when you join a network marketing company, your upline will encourage you to go to team building and training events.

Well, there was one event that I attended this past May that injected my business with rocket fuel.  Really and truly.  I was at the No Excuses Summit 7 in San Diego (I spent the first day at the beach!) where I learned exactly how some of the industry leaders, those earning 6- and even 7-figures with their businesses, build their empires.

Do you know how they do it?  They build online.

But don’t jump the gun just yet.  The top earners in the network marketing industry do not post their mlm link in spammy Facebook groups, and they don’t post product photos and status updates about their business on Facebook.

They use the internet to establish a personal brand, they offer valuable content, and they get laser targeted prospects coming to them.

Does that sound like something you’d like to learn?

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Industry Leaders Admit that "Internet Marketing Works"

There are still many die-hard traditionalists out there in the network marketing industry who insist that you need to build your business offline.

They say that this is a “belly-to-belly” business.  They insist that you need to work through your 100 person list.  They tell you to host parties, do product demos, get people to meet up with you for business presentations.

But the way that people do network marketing is quickly changing.  Industry leaders are using the internet to build their businesses and they are doing amazingly well with it, to the tune of building 6- and even 7-figure businesses.

The total tock stars of the network marketing industry are not building their businesses by prospecting online in just the say way that you would prospect offline.  They are not messaging friends on Facebook, and friends of friends, and telling them that “we are expanding into your area”.  They are not posting sales and promotions on social media.  They are not posting on Facebook asking for 1 person to host a party, 1 person to listen to a business presentation, and 1 person to refer a friend.

The network marketing pros (those who quit their J.O.B. long ago) are engaging in internet marketing (a.k.a. attraction marketing).  What does that mean?  That means using advertising, Facebook fan pages, blogging, email blasts, sales funnels, etc., to build.

And it means, first and foremost, creating value.  Solving problems.  Building yourself as an authority in your niche market.  It does not mean leading with your products and your biz op.

So let’s take a closer look at the 3 Proven Internet Recruiting Strategies Used by 6- and 7-Figure Leaders to Grow Their Teams.

Note: Strategies # 1 and #2 are great for novices to get their feet wet.  If you want to build a truly thriving empire, you will have to focus most of your energy on Strategy #3.

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Strategy #1: Social Media Prospecting

Social media prospecting is the strategy that most people start out with when they begin to build their network marketing business online.

When prospecting on social media, however, the traditional “talk to everyone about your products and your business” strategy doesn’t work.  People will shut you down, just like they do in real life.  I know.  I’ve been there.

So let’s talk about how not to spam your friends and family on Facebook.  This strategy has been used by some top earners in network marketing once their cold market runs out.


Search for ‘friends of friends’ who live locally, at least to start.  

There are 2 reasons for doing this.  First, Facebook allows you to directly message ‘friends of friends’ so that your message goes into their main inbox, instead of the “Other” inbox, which most people don’t even know exists. (I didn’t know either, prior to this).

Second, if you start with local it will allow you to eventually meet face to face with them to form a more powerful personal connection.


Before you get in touch with someone, you want to look at their profile and identify interests that resonate with you personally, with your products, or with your business.  You are also looking for more subtle things.  Are they generally positive or are they complainers?  Are they smiling in their profile picture?  You don’t want to bring on people who inject a lot of negative energy into your life.

If you are with a fitness company, then you might be looking for people who are interested in Robert Kiyosaki, or Success Magazine, and also into crossfit, or post a lot of pictures of themselves at the gym….



Let’s get one thing straight right from the start.  You DO NOT want to be posting copy/paste messages with links to sign up for your opportunity. Not only is that not effective, it’s considered SPAM by Facebook and can get your account shut down and get your company in trouble too.

When you message this new person, you want to establish a bit of a relationship first.  Express interest in them.  Ask them a question that is relevant to their interests and lifestyle.

With the above example, you may want to message this Robert Kiyosaki-following gym-going with someone like, “Hey.  My name is ____.  We have a mutual friend, ____. I see that you’re a total gym buff like I am.  Have you ever considered turning your passion for fitness into a side income?”

(According to one 7-figure earner who teaches his team this strategy, you can expect something in the realm of a 30% response with this strategy.)

This sort of message opens the conversation in a way that leads into your business, but it isn’t your straightforward “Hey.  I’m looking for recruits in your region. Join my business!  Earn tons of money!”

What you are doing with your first message is tossing them the ball, so to speak, and see if they hit it back.


If they ‘swing back’, or express an interest in your proposal, then it’s time to book a meeting.  Ask to meet them out for coffee, or at the very least get them on the phone.

Once you’ve got a prospect expressing interest in hearing more, you will be following the basic follow up and prospecting process that you should have learned from your upline.

(If you have zero follow-up and closing skills, or want to sharpen the skills you have, I highly recommend Tim Sales on presenting, closing, and enrolling new reps.)

Here’s a quick tip on how to get some real engagement on social media: find where your target market is hanging out.  Engage in real conversations (not business pitches) and build relationships.  Offer valuable advice and information.  Position yourself as an authority.  Always lead with value and then bring in the business or the products only once an interest is expressed.

If you pair this social media marketing strategy with Strategy #3 below, it will make you an unstoppable social media force.

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Strategy #2: The 'Mouse Trap' Method

The “mouse trap” method refers to posting your results on social media and waiting for someone to comment on your post.  Then…snap!…goes the mousetrap.

There are 2 ways to go about doing this.  

1. First is the ‘leading with the opportunity’ angle.  This is where you share your rags to riches story, post photos of you doing fun things, on vacation, spending time with your family mid-week, etc.  Show the lifestyle that your business allows you to lead.

A word of caution, though: the ‘leading with the opportunity’ mousetrap method does not convert well, and you could run into problems with compliance with your company if a lot of people are doing it.  

2. ‘Leading with the product’ is often a more profitable strategy, especially if you are in a niche market where results are obvious and tangible, like weight loss or even skin care if you have dramatic before-and-after results.  Sharing your before and after reulsts (and results of others) will pique people’s interest if they are struggling with the problem that your products solve.  

With either strategy, make sure that you include a CALL TO ACTION in each of your posts.  (i.e. “Comment below to learn how I got these amazing results….”)

And, of course, make sure that you follow up consistently, but without being a pest.  You want to make sure that you private message each person who expresses interest and share you story with them.  Ask them questions.  Find out what problem they are struggling with most and test the waters to see if they would best fit into your business as a customer or a team member.

And if your ‘mousetrapped’ prospect says “maybe later”, or “I’ll get back to you when I’m ready”, then be sure you use these 2 MAGIC SENTENCES: “I’ve got a great newsletter you might like in the meantime.  Would you like to receive it?”

Added them to your newsletter will accomplish 2 things: 1. It will keep your products and your opprotunity in the front of their mind so that when they are ready, there you are! 2. You won’t have to keep pestering them with “Are you ready now?” messages, which will probably make them more angry than anything.

A word of advice when added “not ready yet” prospects to your newsletter: don’t be a pushy salesperson.  Include some product reviews, testimonials, and sales in your newsletters.  But you should be sharing valuable content that is not salesy and not commpany-specific for most of your emails.  This will help brand you as a trusted authority rather than an annoying salesperson.

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Strategy #3: Attraction Marketing

Attraction marketing is my absolute favourite way to get customers and recruits for my business online.  If you are here reading this blog post, then I can assure you that attraction marketing works.  This strategy is what brought you here.

At that event that I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the No Excuses Summit….that’s where 6- and even 7-figure earners in the network marketing industry talked about their strategies for growing their businesses.  And you know what?  They all use basically the same blueprint and it is an attraction marketing blueprint.

Attraction Marketing in a Nutshell

  • Find something that you are passionate about.  It could be health and wellness, travel, cooking, books, essential oils for wellness, kids’ activities, etc., etc.  There’s a good chance that your network marketing biz is your passion.
  • Find a group you are passionate about helping. 
  • Create content (videos, blog posts, etc.) that solve problems in your niche market.  i.e. Maybe you are passionate about using essential oils and want to help mothers of young children easily build a DIY library of home remedies for every single thing imaginable.  Now go nuts with your content.  Start collecting and publishing DIY recipes for home cleaners, uses for tea tree oil, cold and flu remedies, etc., etc.
  • Get your content in front of the right eyeballs.
  • Monetize!
  • Repeat.

But wait!  Slow down.  How do I monetize this content?  How does sharing cool stuff get me more prospects, customers, and team members for my business?  Say I’m with an essential oils company, and I start sharing blog posts with DIY home remedies.  How do I funnel those readers into my business?  I can’t just say “Hey! I saw you commented on my cold & flu season article.  Join my business!”

Monetizing your content (i.e. turning people from readers into customers and team members) is obviously the most important step here.  You don’t want to be just a helpful person with great blog posts.  You want to be a full time entrepreneur who takes vacations in the tropics.  So how do you do that?

Well, that my friend, is a topic that my friend and mentor, Ferny Ceballos, covers in this FREE 10 Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp course.  (Keep an eye out for Days 4-8 which deal in increasing depth with monetizing your content.)  Let’s take some baby steps together and get started on building your online network marketing empire.  

What network marketing strategies have you tried?  Either tried and failed, or tried successfully?  

Comment below.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Rebecca Vendetti


Rebecca Vendetti

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