How to Create an Arbonne Business Online

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The biggest challenge for an Arbonne consultant who wants to build online is doing it in a way that doesn’t violate policies and procedures.  As an Arbonne consultant, you are not allowed to directly sell or directly recruit online.  So you might think that that rules out online market, right?  Not so.

If you brand yourself online, and you create content that is not explicitly promotional but truly helps people, you can attract a following of loyal fans who you can turn into customers and team members through email marketing.  There is a super simple way to do this that does not violate Arbonne’s policies and procedures, does not violate any spam laws, and provides excellent value to your customers and a thriving business for yourself.

Here are the very bare-bone basics of how you build an Arbonne business online:

  • Create a blog based website.
  • Write content that is not directly promotional but is relevant to your niche market.
  • Add subscriber opt in forms to your site so that you can capture emails of people who want more content.
  • Once people opt in to your email list, they have given you permission to market to them directly.  (This is the magic step in the online marketing formula.)
  • In your email marketing campaign, you send you more value (expose dangerous chemicals in common products, share fitness and nutrition tips, etc., etc.) along with occasional product promotions, work from home tips, featured products, and coupons.  (Note: you can actually automate this so that you write a series of emails ONCE and they automatically go out to all of your subscribers, old and new, on certain dates or weekly/monthly/etc. after they sign up.  That is the best time leverage you can get.)
  • As your email list grows and people become more and more engaged with your content, loyal fans will turn into customers and team members.

Arbonne is one of the BEST network marketing businesses to be in if you are going to build online.  Why is that?  

  • The health and wellness niche is booming right now.
  • Arbonne is very internet-marketing friendly.
  • There is a super simple way to market yourself online WITHOUT violating policies and procedures.
  • Building online the right way will allow you to further leverage your time and your efforts so that you have a business that truly pulls in leads for you while you are away doing other things.

So let’s talk about some concrete details of how EXACTLY you can build a thriving Arbonne business online.

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1. Your Blog

How to Write an Arbonne Blog

With Arbonne as your primary company, you will be focusing on the health and wellness niche.  Here are some tips on how to create a profitable blog with an Arbonne business.

  • Focus on natural alternatives to products with harsh chemical ingredients (expose the dangers of common chemicals used in household products and beauty products, for example).
  • Include blog posts that would appeal to a natural health and wellness crowd but are not promotional in any way: things like all natural energy boosters (focus on exercise, nutrition, eliminating artificial light close to bed time, etc.), yoga for mental wellness, power of positive thinking or the law of attraction, etc., etc.  Anything that your target market would be interested in reading.  Your goal on your blog is to attract your target market and get them interested and engaged.  You don’t sell until you send out your email marketing campaigns.
  • Don’t mention your business outright in your blog.  You will introduce Melaleuca offers in your email marketing campaigns.  This will make you seem less like a pushy salesperson (and will consequently get you a MUCH bigger following) and it will also make sure that you do not break your company’s policies and procedures.

Branding tip: when selecting the name of your website, make it either “your first and last name .com” or a brandable phrase that relates to your niche market.  Do not include the word “Arbonne” in your branding.

Bonus blog example: The Good Beauty Co. Here is an excellent example of what you can create as an Arbonne consultant without violating policies and procedures.  

See this New Years Eve Beauty Roundup post for an example of a promotional post that doesn’t look like a promotional post.

Bonus blogging for profit hack: The Good Beauty Co. is a great example of network marketing combined with affiliate marketing.  Using affiliate marketing, you can add to your primary company and create multiple non-competing streams of income (i.e. you can add other products to what you offer by adding banners and links for companies in your niche market).  You can add affiliate products that complement your site for FREE.  You can also get training in affiliate marketing for FREE here.

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.

Blog Post Ideas

  • 101 Skin Care Hacks for Glowing Skin
  • 5 (or 12, or 20) Home Business Tips for Beginners
  • Do in depth analysis of common toxins in beauty products (e.g. research SLS and write a blog post about it).
  • Write about the benefits of omega-3 fatty acid in promoting cognitive health.
  • Do product reviews for common products that you find in the grocery store, pharmacy, etc. and focus on revealing the dangers of the harsh chemical ingredients (skin irritants, neurotoxins, etc.).

Getting Started

  • Figure out which categories you are going to create by common up with broad topics under which you can write about 10 (or more) specific blog posts.  e.g. How to Identify Toxins in Skin Care Products, Fitness and Nutrition, Home Business Tips, Why “Natural” Products are Misleading
  • Start researching problems that people are having in your niche market and then find solutions to them.
  • Publish those solutions as blog posts.

The Tech Side: Where do I Get a Blog?

If you are a total beginner and need help setting up a blog, head over to my Beginner’s Guide to Online Prospecting and read Steps #1-3.  This will walk you through selecting your personal brand, registering a domain name (your “.com”) and where you can build a blog or have one built for you.

2. Your Social Media Presence

When it comes to social media, your goal is to get your target audience interested and engaged.  A good rule for social media is to entertain, educate, and inspire 90% of the time; sell only 10% of the time.

Here are some good things to know about creating a profitable social media presence.  Because Facebook is the most popular social media platform out there right now, and because it is the most powerful platform for content marketers, I will be focusing on it primarily, but many of these tips can be used on other platforms as well.

  • Make sure you have a Facebook Fan Page.  You are not going to be using your personal Facebook page for business.  The Facebook Fan Page will give you MUCH more control over your audience and your advertising as you get more experienced with content marketing and social media.
  • Make sure that your Fan Page brands YOU and not your business. In order to remain within compliance, you should not make it seem that Arbonne is behind the messaging.  The best way to do this is to keep the word “Arbonne” out of it and brand yourself as a health and wellness expert.
  • Share all your blog posts on your Fan Page.  Share them as well on any other social media platform (OSMP) you use.
  • Share other people’s content on your Fan Page (or OSMP).  Your goal is to get your audience engaged with your social media account.  So share any blog posts, articles, or inspirational images that your target market would find interesting.  If you share ONLY your content, you will be seen as self-promoting and annoying.  Don’t do it.
  • Don’t spam Facebook groups with links to join your business or buy your products.  Instead, share your blog posts in groups when relevant and engage with other users.  Ask questions.  Offer advice.  Just be real.  Don’t be sales-y.  Trust me.  It will pay off.

Your goal with your social media presence is to brand yourself as an authority in your field.  You will do this by offering valuable content (yours and others’) that is of interest to your niche market.  When people see you as an authority and like what you post, it will be easier to sell to them later.

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How do you make money with social media?

  • When you share your blog posts, if people go and read it, they can opt in to your email list on your blog and you then have permission to market to them directly.
  • As you get more experienced with content marketing, you can create ads that go directly to offers (lead magnets) designed to promote your products or your business.  Again, you will be offering something for free (information that is entertaining, inspirational, or useful) to get email addresses and then making the product or business offer in the email.

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3. Your Lead Magnets and Email Opt Ins

This is how you monetize your blog.

Your blog posts themselves are designed to get your target audience to your website and reading your content.  Your lead magnets are the bait to get them to opt in to your email list.  Once they are on your email list, you can sell to them directly.

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is something that you give away for free in exchange for someone’s email address.  A lead magnet can be:

  • an ebook;
  • a checklist;
  • a video;
  • any other resource that your target market might find helpful.

Want a step by step guide on how to create a lead magnet that will pull in prospects for you?  Get your FREE 7-Step Lead Magnet Creation Guide here.

Examples of lead magnets for Arbonne

  • a checklist of the 12 (or 15 or 20 or 50) most common chemical toxins in everyday beauty products;
  • a video on how to build a health and wellness business online;
  • a superfoods recipe ebook (include protein pancakes with chocolate protein powder as an ingredient, smoothies with fruit, spinach, and greens powder, etc.);
  • an ebook on 101 natural living hacks to reduce your toxic load.

When it comes to lead magnets, you are only constrained by your imagination and your research abilities.  You can create anything you like.  Play to your skills and to your interests, and make sure that it is something that your target audience would find helpful.

You can create a simple checklist with Word and turn it into a PDF.

You can create a professional looking ebook with Powerpoint and turn it into a PDF.

You can create a video with a smart phone, a camera, or a webcam, upload it to Youtube, and embed it on a “thank you” page that you either link to from your subscriber opt in form, or email to your new subscribers directly.

How to Capture Emails with Lead Magnets: The Tech Side

If you are using WordPress, there are dozens of email opt in plugins that you can use.  If you type “WordPress email optin plugin” into Google search, you will get lots of reviews and many plugins to choose from.  Find the plugin that you like and follow the instructions.  (My personal favourites are Hello Bar and Opt In Cat.)  

Following the plugin instructions, or finding a review or a “how to” tutorial on that specific plugin, will teach you how to set up the plugin, how to customize it to offer your lead magnet, and how to link to a thank you page and send emails after you have the opt in.

Once you do it once, it’ll come naturally after that.

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4. Your Email Marketing Campaign

Once you have people opting in to your email list, then the magic begins to happen because this is your EXACT target market and they have given you permission to market to them directly.

Your email marketing campaign is where you do most of your selling.

How to Make Money with Email Marketing

Once you have an email list, you have your target audience literally at your fingertips.  The key now is to keep them engaged and give them opportunities to become customers or team members.  How do you do this?

  • Make sure most of your emails are full of VALUE and are not sales-y or self-promoting.  If you only sell in emails, then people will ignore you and unsubscribe.
  • Send the occasional product feature.  Do an in depth review on some product that you offer.  Link to that specific product on your Arbonne replicated website.
  • Send the occasional special offer.  You can raffle off gift cards or a free product.  You can offer the “80% discount” that PCs automatically get with bulk orders over 300PV, or encourage your followers to “Join now as a preferred client for only $24 and get 20% all purchases and a free gift in your start month”.  You can also piggyback on any company sales that are happening.  Or you can also offer your own products and promotions,  e.g. “For a limited time, all new customers who purchase one or more products from the nutrition line will get a FREE ebook with recipes for dozens of sweet-tooth satisfying but healthy smoothie recipes.”  (Make sure that any email offers are different from your lead magnets, as you don’t want to overlap and give the same thing to the same person twice.)

Some tips on Creating Your FIRST Email Marketing Campaign

  • Start off sending emails once or twice a month.  Eventually, you want to be sending emails weekly or perhaps even daily (there are differing opinions on whether sending emails daily is good for business or just annoying), but while you are testing the waters, you can send emails less often.
  • To get used to creating emails for marketing purposes, set up a template.  
    • In each email, offer something of REAL VALUE independent of any product or business offer.  e.g. Do a feature on formaldehyde (or any other harsh or toxic chemical) in common products, list some household and beauty products that contain this chemical, and give some tips on how to identify it (oftentimes chemicals have a handful or even dozens of different names they go by on labels).  Or send out a DIY recipe for an essential oil cleaner.
    • Link to your Arbonne site at the end of the email with an offer for a relevant product.  e.g. Send out a comparison of different protein sources (pea protein, whey protein, soy protein) along with a recipe for chocolate protein pancakes and include a hyperlink that says “Get 20% off chocolate or vanilla pea+cranberry protein” that links to your site.

My BEST tip on how to get ideas for your email marketing campaign: subscribe to other email lists of bloggers in your niche market.  See what they do.  Do not copy them, but take elements that you like and use them as starting points for inspiration.

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What has been your biggest struggle in your business so far, and what would your life look like once you overcome that one thing?  

Comment below.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Rebecca Vendetti

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