How to Build Your Network Marketing Business WITHOUT Prospecting Friends and Family

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If you've been in network marketing for anything more than...oh, say about a week, then you know the typical approach.

Make a list of all your friends, family, and acquaintances, and then approach each and every one and ask them to host a party, try some products, listen to a business presentation, or refer a friend.

Your business is your 100 person list, they say.  Just work your list.

And what happens when you burn through your 100 person list and you've asked everyone you know to buy products or join the business?  Then you start cold prospecting.

You sit in coffee shops with a stack of business cards.  You prospect waitresses in restaurants and cashiers in grocery stores.

If you're like I was, you prospect all the other mommies at the park while your kids play on the slide.

But what do you do when you burn through your 100 person list and you get nowhere?  '

Or what about when you don't want to prospect friends and family?  After all, turning every conversation you have into a business pitch, and trying to monetize all your relationships can get mentally and emotionally exhausting.

Push v. Pull Marketing

The typical "talk to everyone you know and everyone you meet about your business" approach is something called push marketing.

You're going out and pushing your products and your business onto everyone who comes within 3 feet of you.  

And if you're using this approach, your upline will tell you that MLM is "just a numbers game".  Just get your products and your business out in front of as many people as possible and eventually you'll find your rock star team mates who will make you a millionaire.

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But what if there was a different way?  What if there was a way to build your network marketing business WITHOUT having to turn every conversation you have into a business pitch?

What if there was a way to build a full time business without facing constant rejection and a high drop-out rate for new reps?  Without having to do home party after home party where no one shows up but the hostess?

I've gone through the whole "talk to everyone you know and everyone you meet about your business" approach, and I can tell you that it is mentally and emotionally exhausting.

I was sinking HOURS into calling friends and family and inviting them to parties, to watch videos, to listen to business presentations.... ("I just need to practice my business presentation.  Can I practice it on you?")

And those hours that I was spending trying to convince people to do something that they didn't especially want to do did nothing to help build my business.

Does it work like wildfire for some people?  


But this manner of prospecting is really just a matter of luck.  If you happen to have a network of people who are into whatever it is that you're doing, then you might be able to get a handful of loyal customers and even some team members pretty easily.

But what about those of us who burn through their 100 person list and get no lasting results?  And what about your team members who burn through their 100 person list and get no lasting results? 

The truth is that over 90% of network marketers drop out shortly after they get into cold market prospecting because push marketing is exhausting and ineffective.

So let's talk about another approach.  

I like to call this approach pull marketing because you are literally pulling prospects to you instead of having to go out and push the products and the business onto them.

Pull marketing is basically the process of creating content (videos, blog posts, podcasts, training resources, etc.) and getting that content out in front of the right eyeballs.  

Once you do that, you can literally have prospects COMING TO YOU ready to buy your products and join your business before you even speak to them.

How to Eliminate Rejection & Get Prospects to COME TO YOU 

In order to get prospects to come to you (instead of you hunting them down and convincing them to do things, like buy products or join your business) you need to do 2 primary things: position yourself as an expert in your field & create content that solves problems in your niche market.

Once you can do that, it's just a matter of get all the infrastructure into place and then plugging away at content creation and following up with prospects consistently.

The fact is that you ARE an expert in something.

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If you know more than somebody else does on a certain topic, then you have expertise that you can teach.

And if you have access to a computer (which I know you ​do if you're reading this article right now) then you can do some basic research.

Go to Google. Type in "health risks of parabens" if you're with a clean, "green" skin care company. Find some reputable sources. (Hint: the pages that come up on the first page are probably reputable sources. And anyone who cites their sources of information are good people to get information from.) Take notes. Write a blog post about it.

Set up your Facebook fan page. Learn about how to prospect on Facebook. (Hint: check out my blog and type in "social media prospecting" in the search box.) Record a handful of 3-5 minutes videos on different social media prospecting strategies and share them on your fan page (and embed them in your blog, once you have a blog).

It really is that simple.

How does creating and sharing content get you more prospects for your business?

By creating and sharing content, and getting it in front of the right eyeballs, you position yourself as a trusted expert.

As you share blog posts (yours and others')​, videos, articles, photos, etc. on social media, people will follow you and take your advice if they find that you are adding value to their lives.

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You can send people from social media to your blog.  You can also learn how to get your blog found in Google when people search for your topic, like "network marketing makeup company" or "all natural skin care", etc.  (Tech tip: this is called SEO, search engine optimization, and it's AMAZING for bringing prospects to you.  I'll have beginner SEO courses coming out soon....)​

As you provide value and solve problems in your niche market (teach people something) then people will see YOU as the authority.  

When they ARE ready to buy or when they ARE looking for a business opportunity, then who pops into their head?  You do!  Because you're right there, adding value to their lives already.​

Then you just make sure that you have your "sign up" or "buy now" button set up on your Facebook fan page.  And you make sure that you have a "contact me" or "work with me" contact form set up on your blog.​

This strategy, of creating blog posts and videos and solving problems in your niche market works like MADNESS I tell you.​

But ​this is really just scratching the surface.  

If you want to learn the basics of how to set up a prospecting MACHINE that will recruit like wildfire once you get all the pieces in place, then go ahead and pick up your FREE 7 Day Beginner's Guide to Becoming a Total Prospecting Ninja.  

In this 7 day email course, I'll teach you some more about push marketing v. pull marketing and how to set up a basic recruiting funnel (or "sales funnel" in industry speak) that will literally do your prospecting for you.

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Rebecca is a mother of young twins, a Ph.D. candidate at McMaster University, and a total content marketing ninja. She is the founder and creator of and also runs an online organic skin care business at

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