August 1, 2016

How to Build a Network Marketing Business When You’re New in Town

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Network marketing isn't easy.  It can be even harder when you're new in town and don't yet have a social network to rely on.

If you were used to running home parties, calling people you know and offering them product samples and hosting discounts, what do you do when you move to a new place and you don't know anyone yet?

These 5 network marketing tips work equally well when you are new in town and when you've lived somewhere​ your whole life.

The key to building a thriving network marketing business, whether you're new in town or not, is to find where your target market is and offer them value.

You can do this in a number of different ways, both online and offline.  If you can master that skill, then you will be unstoppable.

With that said, let's dive into 5 network marketing tips that will help you rock a business even when you're new in town.​

Tip #1: Build Relationships First

It is crucial that you build relationships BEFORE you start pitching people on your products and your business.

You will not be able to build up your network, especially if you are new in town, by leading with your wallet.

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So what do you need to do first?  Make friends.  Establish relationships.  Find people with whom you have something in common.  Then, once you have a stable social circle, you can host a home party and introduce your new friends to your business.​

Tip #2: Get on is an amazing resources both for people who want to make friends and meet people with similar interests, and for people who want to network for their business.

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There are 3 ways that you can use Meetup for your business.  

1. Create your own Meetup.  A "Meetup" is basically a group of people who share a common interest and who get together and do things.  It could be yoga in the park, hiking, afternoon tea, potluck meals....virtually anything.

You can create a Meetup and attract people who are your target market.  Do you run a health and wellness business?  Create a Meetup and host fun fitness activities, smoothie nights, and the occasional home party.  Do you run a make-up business?  Create a Meetup and host girls' nights once a month or once a week.  Have makeover parties.  Invite people over for a martini night and just be social.

2. Get in touch with organizers of Meetups who run events that are related to your topic.  Offer to run a free workshop for their members, or a spa night, or whatever it is that you company does.

3. Join Meetups and just be social.  Meet people who have similar interests and grow your social circle.  Then you'll have more people to invite to parties when you host them.​

Tip #3: Flyers!

Put flyers up around your city.  Offer whatever it is that your company does: spa nights, girls' nights, nutrition parties, cooking parties, etc. etc.  

You can host your own party once a month.  If you make it a regular thing and get the word out, then eventually people will come to know that the 3rd Tuesday of every month (or the 4th Friday or whatever) there's a ____ party going on.  You'll get more traffic to your party over time and people will start inviting their friends.  

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The most important thing to get this to work: EXPOSURE.  

You need a LOT of people to know about your parties, because....let's be honest, on any given week, most people will not show up.  As you get more and more people interested, however, the minority that does show up will start to grow.

You can also post flyers that offer parties or workshops to other people.  "Host your own....."  List the benefits and features of the party (what you do at one and why it's great).  

I actually had some luck with this strategy.  

For a few weeks, I papered the city with flyers offering to "Host your own superfoods party".  While I didn't get any takers right away, I did get an email a handful of months later from someone who runs a different health and wellness business offering to pair up and do parties and trade shows together.​

If you can pair up with other people who offer similar but non-competing products, then you can work as a team, take advantage of each others' networks, and make each other stronger.​

Again, the key here is exposure.  Most people won't care.  Post enough flyers in the right places that you get ENOUGH eyes on your offer to get a minority who take you up on it.​

Tip #4: Run Workshops

You can run workshops where your target market hangs out.  If you run an essential oils business, you might want to offer "essential oils for wellness" workshops to yoga gyms.


[I went to an "essential oils​ for wellness" event at the yoga gym that I attend back in the winter.  The lady running it had us try out some oils and gave us all tips on how to fight colds and flu naturally.  She got a handful of new customers just from that one event.]

If you run a health and wellness business, contact gyms and ask to set up a booth or host a free workshop for their members.

Oftentimes libraries will also have space for workshops.  You can host a monthly event at your local library.  Again, I can't emphasize this enough: you need lots of exposure.  Post flyers at the library itself, in coffeeshops, on telephone polls.  Create a Facebook event to advertise your workshop.  Post on social media....

What's the most important part of running a workshop?  TEACH people something.  Lead with education, not with sales.  If you lead with valuable information, and then give people the opportunity to buy, you will do much better than making it a sales pitch from the start.​

Tip #5: Build on Online Following

I'm going to be totally honest with you and tell you that this is my #1 FAVOURITE network marketing strategy.

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Tips #1-4 work, but they require a LOT of follow up and persistence.  So does network marketing online, but once you get your business up and running, then you can literally pull in new prospects, customers, and team members while you sleep (or while you're at the beach, or the park with your kids).

The key to building a successful network marketing business online is to build an online following and brand yourself as an authority in your field.

How do you do that?​

  1. Lead with education, entertainment, and inspiration.  Don't lead with sales.​  
  2. Start with social media.  If you are on Facebook, you need, need, NEED a Facebook fan page.
  3. Don't JUST sell on your fan page.  Share your blog posts (if you blog) and other people's blog posts and articles, inspirational images, stories about you and your life.  Just share things that your audience would find valuable.  
  4. A good rule to follow: entertain, inspire, and educate 90% of the time.  Sell 10% of the time.
  5. Have a way for your audience to opt in to an email list (that way you can keep in touch with them and follow up with more valuable content and offers).

What this does is it brands you as an expert authority in your field.  People will come to like, know, and trust you.  They will see you as a trusted authority instead of a pushy salesperson.

Then, once someone is ready to buy, you are there front and center with exactly what they are looking for.​

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Rebecca is a mother of young twins, a Ph.D. candidate at McMaster University, and a total content marketing ninja. She is the founder and creator of and also runs an online organic skin care business at

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