October 30, 2017

Essante Organics Compensation Plan

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The Essante Organics compensation plan is one of the most competitive compensation plans around.

Essante offers their consultants a 30% commission on retail sales (i.e. people who buy at full price from your online shop).

They also offer a handsome commission for team-building and cultivating leaders underneath you.

One of the best things about the Essante compensation plan...okay, well, two of the best things....are that you get paid infinite levels deep in your team (and your upline builds underneath you, since this is a binary plan), and you get a matching paycheck as you cultivate leaders on your team.  

(That means that once your leaders start seeing $100, $500, $1000 paychecks, you get a 25%, 50%, or 100% matching paycheck, on top of the commissions your earning based on your own personal sales and overall team volume.)

But that's just skimming the surface of the Essante compensation plan.  Let's dig deep into the different ways you can earn with Essante.

Essante Compensation Plan: 6 Different Bonuses

As an Essante Organics consultant, you can earn 6 different bonuses (i.e. commissions) depending on whether you have customers ordering or team members ordering.

Below is a break down of how the Essante compensation plan works.

Bonus #1: E-commerce Retail Sales

As an Essante consultant, you will earn 30% on all retail sales made through your personal website.

This means that for every person who goes to your shop and buys at full price (without joining as a wholesale member or consultant), you earn a 30% commission on their order.

Example: If 10 retail customers order 75 points monthly you’ll receive a $225.00 monthly residual bonus.

Bonus #2: Enroller Bonus (one time bonus paid every time a new consultant buys a discounted package)

The enroller bonus is a $50 or $100 commission paid on all Below Wholesale Pack (BWP) sales.

A new consultant may choose to purchase a BWP when they first sign up, in order to save money on their first purchase of products.  BWPs are $199 or $499 packs.

If your new team member purchases a $199, you will earn $50 on that sale.  If they purchase a $499 pack, you will earn $100 on that sale.

Bonus #3: Express Start Gold Bonus (one time bonus paid in your first 30 days)

The express start gold bonus is a one-time $500 bonus paid out during your first 30 days as an Essante consultant, if you personally enroll 4 people who become Silver.

(You get Silver status when you enroll 2 people: 1 on your left team & 1 on your right team, and each of these people generate 75 points per month.)

That means that if you enroll 4 people, and help them enroll 2 people each, and each of them orders at least 75 points, you get an extra $500. 

Bonus #4: Endless Team Bonus (ETB) (10% paid weekly)

Essante has a binary compensation plan, which means that you build 2 legs of your team.

Build 2 teams (i.e. 2 legs) and earn 10% commission on all orders placed below you.  This includes people that you personally enroll and people that your upline places under you.  You get paid 10% override commission on your team with the least volume.  

Below, you can see a table that shows what you would earn as your team grows. 

Essante organics compensation plan
  • Build 2 teams & earn an override commission, to unlimited levels of depth, on all sales below you, regardless if you generated the sales or not.
  • Enjoy possible spillover, as the person above you can place 50% of their sales under you.
  • Enjoy unlimited banked volume with no flushing, limits or ceiling

This is the highest form of residual income in the industry, and it provides true walk-away income. Other plans, which flush volume, keep you working, as you must continually replace flushed volume. Essante pays 10% ETB Commission on your pay team (the team with less volume)

Example: This hypothetical chart is based on each Executive enrolling 2 people & each generating 75 points in monthly personal or retail sales.

Bonus #5: 100% Matching Bonus (25 - 100% paid weekly.)

Essante pays 25% to 100% Matching Commission based on the ETB of everyone you personally enroll.

Silver Executives earn a 25% Matching Bonus (See #3 above for Silver description). Gold Executives earn a 50% Matching Bonus (Become a Gold by enrolling 4 Silvers). Platinum Executives earn a 100% Matching Bonus (Become a Platinum by enrolling 4 Golds).

Example: if you have 4 personally sponsored team members each earning $100/month, you can earn an extra $100, $200, or $400/month in addition to the other 5 bonuses.

As you build bigger: As a Platinum Executive, enroll 10 Executives who are each earning $1,000.00/mo. in ETB. Essanté Organics is paying $1k/mo. to your 10 personal enrollments, thus you’ll enjoy a $10,000.00 monthly bonus.

Bonus #6: Expansion Race (1% shared by 50 Executives, per country. Paid Annually)

Be 1 of 50 Executives to equally share in 1% of all retail & wholesale product sales, per country.

The 1st 50 Executives to reach 50k in points/volume on their left team & 50K in points/volume on their right team (in any country), in any 1 calendar month, will secure 1 of the 50 Expansion Race Bonuses for that country. All 50 Executives will equally share the 1%.

Subsequent year & beyond: Maintain 50k points/volume per left & right team, per country 10 out of 12 months. Excludes banked volume. If an Executive falls out of qualification the slot is opened to the entire field & winner takes the slot. 

Example: USA earns $100 million/year, 1% of $100 million = $1 million divided by 50 Executives = a $20,000 annual bonus*

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What do you have to do to qualify for bonuses?

*To qualify for the above bonuses an Executive must generate the following # of points every 30 days: 

100 Points for all 6 Bonuses / 75 Points for Bonuses 1-5 / 40 Points for Retail & 1/2 or 5% ETB / 0-39 Points for Retail only

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