Creating Your Digital "Warm List" | Day 7

Way to Go!  What's Next?

Do you want to become a "kung fu" internet recruiting MASTER?

Congratulations on getting through your 6 days on creating a digital "warm list".

Let's review what you've learned in the past 6 days.

  • Push marketing is ineffective and relies a lot on luck.
  • Pull marketing, otherwise known as attraction marketing, allows you to get prospects to COME TO YOU instead you having to chase them down.
  • You can use the internet to create a digital "warm list", which is a list of prospects who have already expressed interest in what you have to offer.
  • To create this "warm list" you need to solve problems FIRST and offer your product SECOND.
  • A basic recruiting or sales funnel looks like this: TRAFFIC > INITIAL OFFER > FOLLOW UP > SALES
  • Your follow up emails should always add value FIRST and hook back into your main offer (product, customer membership, or team membership).
  • If you create a following on social media and engage that following, you can build trust and rapport and become the trusted authority in your niche market. This is the simplest way to use "pull marketing" to create a digital "warm list".​

If you've found this information valuable and you want to discover how to put these pieces all into place, and get some awesome step by step instruction, then I highly recommend you pick up your copy of Attraction Marketing Formula.

This is what I used to take my network marketing business online.

I had tried online marketing before and got some traction, but it was a LONG haul with a very steep learning curve and a long time for payouts.

Once I got my hands on AMF, I was better able to put the pieces into place and start pulling in prospects virtually on autopilot.

Now I consistently get new prospects added to my "warm list" on a daily basis, whether I'm at my computer working or out playing with my kids at the park.


So now you can take what you've learned and try to patch something together in a DIY approach. (I've tried this approach. I don't recommend it. It will work. But it will take a long, LONG time.) Or you can keep plugging along at "old school" prospecting and keep hosting parties and praying for your big break.


You can dive into the world of attraction marketing and choose to become a 'KUNG FU' internet recruiting master. Taking this second approach will allow you to make money on auto-pilot and truly give yourself the time and freedom you desire and deserve!

Now you are at a cross roads -- this is truly and RED pill vs BLUE pill moment. What you've learned over the past week is just the basics. It' a quick outline of what the pros do to build successful network marketing businesses online.​

If you want to go "all in" and truly COMMIT to seeing success in your network marketing business, then I strongly recommend that you pick up your copy of Attraction Marketing Formula.

What You'll Get In Attraction Marketing Formula

  • traditional network marketing vs. the internet: why every network marketer should have an online presence,
  • how to find your target audience,
  • how to blow your competition out of the water,
  • how to create a killer offer that will grow your digital "warm list" (the art of the capture page),
  • how to write emails and automate your email series,
  • how to brand yourself as an authority in your niche market so that people think of YOU every time they think of your topic.


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Your time is NOW.  Ditch old school prospecting and see what the internet can bring you.

To Your Success,

Rebecca Vendetti

Rebecca Vendetti

Total Network Marketing Ninja