Creating Your Digital "Warm List" | Day 5

Creating Your List Part 2: Your Offer

Discover how you can use the "Umbrella Approach" to engage in PROPER follow up and make offers to your list.

The average person needs to see an offer 5-7 times before they make a buying choice. That's why the fortune is in the PROPER follow up.

But before you can follow up with your prospects, you've first got to get them on your email list.

Step 1: Get Your Prospects on Your List

How do you do that? There are a handful of simple ways.

1. Participate in Facebook groups, forums, in threads on Twitter, etc., etc. Wherever people are discussing whatever it is that your product or opportunity solves. Contribute to discussions. Then offer more. "Hey! I've got a great newsletter that I think you might find helpful. It deals with ____. Would you like it?"​

​2. Same thing but on your Facebook fan page and/or personal profile. Share valuable content. Contribute to discussions. Offer your newsletter to anyone who wants to learn more about your topic (your initial offer).Start a blog and write blog posts that relate to your topic. At the end of each blog post, have your initial offer and an opt-in for your email list.

3. ​Shoot a video of you sharing your story. Talk about who you are, your struggles (authenticity and vulnerability will create believability for your prospects, a solution that you found that solved your problem, and then have a "call to action" at the end where you tell your viewers to opt in to your email list to get the whole story.

For an essential oils company, for instance, it might go something like this...

"Hey! My name is Rebecca. I'd like to tell you a bit of a story about what happened in my house after I had kids.

When we were babyproofing, we quickly realized that MOST of our household cleaners were totally toxic. Of course we knew this, but hadn't really given it much thought.

I didn't want my new baby crawling on a freshly washed floor and then sucking the residue off his hands (or his feet!).

So I started making my own products using natural ingredients and essential oils.

Now I make ALL our products and I've saved us a TON of money and don't have to worry about calling 911 if someone drinks the kitchen cleaner.

Do you want my favourite DIY recipes to make super simple and cost effective products yourself? Just opt in to my mailing list and you'll get 25 of my fave recipes."

Then drive traffic to your video like mad.

Step 2: Follow Up and Engage

Once you're got people opting in to your email list, you've got to follow up and engage with them.  This is the relationship-building step that is so crucial before you can turn your prospects into customers and team members.

So let's talk about how to do proper follow up with your prospects. The #1 rule of proper follow up: Give value FIRST and create content. Recommend your offer SECOND.

The "Umbrella Approach" to Content Creation​

I learned this "Umbrella Approach" to content creation from my friend Kate McShea. It makes content creation super simple. Here's what it looks like.

#1 Hook back into your offer. Make sure that every email you send, or blog post you write, hooks back to your offer.

#2 BIG topic related to your offer. This is the overarching topic you're going to cover. This is the problem that your offer solves.

#3 Mini topics. You need at least 5-7 mini topics within your big topic. These are bite-sized bits of information that solve one small part of the bigger problem.

(Note that you can also use the Umbrella Approach to write blog posts: your big topic is your category, and then you fill it out with 5-7 mini topics in the form of 1 blog post each.)

Let's take a look at 2 examples of how the Umbrella Approach works.

e.g. #1 Your offer: Facebook Marketing Course

#2: BIG topic: Facebook marketing

#3: Mini topics: Facebook prospecting, fan page v. personal profile, how to use videos on Facebook, how to create a fan page, best posts to create viral engagement, how to create a professional cover photo, etc.

e.g. #1 Your offer: Cleaner, safer skin care products

#2: BIG topic: How to identify toxins in products.

#3: Mini topics: Do short features on the 12 (or 6, or 20) most common toxins in skin care. One on SLS, one on PEG-compounds, one on artificial fragrance, etc., etc.

At the end of each mini topic, link back to your offer, whether that's a product you're promoting, or an offer to join as a preferred customer at a discount, or a team member and build a business.

You can use this "Umbrella Approach" BOTH for creating emails that you send to your list AND for creating blog posts that you share on social media and use to get people on your list in the first place.

And remember, you have 3 goals when it comes to content creation and follow up.

  • You want to woo-and-wow your reader.
  • You want them to think "wow, this person knows what he/she's talking about".
  • You want them to look forward to your next newsletter and be eager to JOIN YOU and your opportunity​.

Show that you really know your stuff and offer your audience VALUABLE information that they can use and this will be a breeze.


Want to learn how to follow up like a pro?  Chapter 9 of The Attraction Marketing Formula goes into detail regarding relationship building, how to promote tastefully in an email, and the anatomy of an email autoresponder series.

To Your Success,

Rebecca Vendetti

Rebecca Vendetti

Total Network Marketing Ninja

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