Creating Your Digital "Warm List" | Day 4

Creating Your List Part I: Your Funnel

​Traffic > Offer > Follow Up > Sales.  No big deal.

How Do You Create a Digital "Warm List"?

While there are multiple steps in creating a "digital warm list", it basically comes down to this: You create a digital warm list by solving problems and collecting email addresses.

If you can solve real problems within your niche market, and get your content in front of the right eyeballs, then you can have people who are already looking for what you've got literally coming to you and asking to learn more.

No more home parties. No more cold calling. No more prospecting strangers at the park, in restaurants, and on family vacations.

This is the bare-bones basics of creating a digital "warm list":

  • Write blog posts (or record videos or podcasts).
  • Have a way for your prospects to opt in to an email list.
  • Offer your product or service on the "back end" to people who've already expressed interest. (By the way, this allows you to avoid any issue with spam laws and company policies and procedures AND it allows you to pull in prospects and sales virtually on autopilot.)

So let's break this process down into manageable steps.

Part 1: Your Funnel

Imagine if you could take people and just 'drop' them into a funnel, so to speak: You get as any eyeballs as you can on one web page and then your prospects start trickling through the whole system.

It works for you. You don't have to go out and FIND prospects, talk to each of them individually, set up meetings, and do through the whole business presentation.

You just stick them into the first part of the funnel and watch the system to it's work.

That's what a funnel does. Call it a recruiting funnel, or a sales funnel.

Any funnel that you use in your business works the same way. Find people. Get them in front of the very first part of your offer, and then let the system do it's work.

But what system? Where do I get a system? How do I build one?

When I refer to a "system" and say let the system work for you, basically what I mean is this:​


"Traffic" is just people. Like cars driving on a road. Everyone is headed to a certain destination.

Think of everyone on the internet as someone driving a car. Your goal is divert some of that traffic from where they are going to your offer. You just want them to make a pit stop along the way.

Your offer is like the billboard that they see while driving, or that poor guy working for minimum wage wearing a big orange bear suit and waving traffic down to promote whatever offer.

(When I take the kids up to see the grandparents, we actually drive past the French River Trading Post - which is basically a restaurant out in nature with really good food and Native American crafts - and their mascot is a big blue bear.)

You want people to see your offer and think, "Hey! That's something that I could use." And then they take a slight detour from wherever it was they were going.

Once you've got traffic coming to your offer, then you need to follow up with those prospects.

The fortune is in the follow up.

Follow up is typically done through email newsletters, which can be a breeze to create and to automate with software like MailChimp or Aweber. (MailChimp is free to use, but Aweber - not free - is better for sending affiliate links, i.e. sending people to your company's website.)

attraction marketing blueprint

At the beginning, this will be your entire funnel: traffic (which we'll talk about shortly) -> your initial offer (how you get people on your email list) -> provide value and solve problems in your emails & hook back to your primary offer -> generate sales


As you fill out your funnel, you can literally get PAID to generate leads.  What's that?  Get paid even BEFORE you sell your core product and EVEN IF your prospects don't join your network marketing company.  This is called a "self-funded proposal" and you can learn this ninja marketing trick by picking up your copy of The Attraction Marketing Formula.

To Your Success,

Rebecca Vendetti

Rebecca Vendetti

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