Blog Aesthetics: How to Increase Conversions from Your Blog

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If you are writing a blog for profit, then blog aesthetics is just as important as content.  If you having AMAZING content, but it’s just big blocks of text, then no matter how marvelous a writer you are, no one will read it.

Let’s face it: people are lazy.  People browsing articles on the internet are even lazier.

We all skim content on web pages, so it is super important that your content is skim-able.  You want each blog post to be imformative, educational, inspiring, or what have you, but also readable.

Why Blog Aesthetics are Important

What You Wish Your Readers Saw

what you wish your readers saw

What They Actually See

what they actually see

4 Basic Steps to Make Your Blog More Readable

  1. Break up information into bite sized chunks.  You can do this by using headings for anything that can be a subsection, and not including paragraphs of more than 3 or 4 sentences.
  2. Use lists and bullet points often.  This breaks information down into easily digestible chunks.  And people love lists.  Be sure not to overuse this strategy, though.  You should intersperse your lists and bullets with full sentence and paragraphs.  You want it to read like a natural conversation, not like a giant list.
  3. Use bold, italics, and underlining for the crucial points that you want your reader to pay attention to.  If you erase everything that is not bolded or otherwise highlighted in your blog post, you should end up with something coherent that covers your basic points, not with random words and phrases that don’t go together.
  4. Use images to highlight your post.  Make sure that your images are relevant to your post.  If you include images that don’t directly add to your post, then you could actually lose reader interest.

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