Beginner’s Guide to Prospecting Online

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Do you want to finally lay off your 100 person list and stop chasing down leads for your business?

Do you wish there was some way to find the good leads, the ones who are actually interested in what you're doing and who will actually take action, without sifting through all the duds?

Good news!

You can do this with online marketing.

By building a strong personal brand online and driving the right traffic to your content, you can create a lead-generating machine that works for you day and night, and by the time you actually talk to a prospect, you know that they are interested in your business and they are motivated to actually do something.

But how the heck do you do that?​

In this quick Beginner's Guide, I'm going to give you a few tips on how to get started with online prospecting.  If you want a full run-down of how the pros build network marketing businesses online and literally get prospects to COME TO THEM, then make sure that you pick up your FREE 7 Day Beginner's Guide to Becoming a Total Prospecting Ninja.​

Step #1. You need, need, NEED to have a Facebook fan page.​

Having a Facebook fan page will allow you to reach hundreds or even thousands of people who are your EXACT target audience.

The thing that's so powerful about Facebook is that you can build a following of people who have already opted in to hear more about your products or opportunity.  They have raised their hand and said, "Yes! I want to hear more about what you do."

How do you do that?

Step #2. You need to brand YOU, not your company.​

You want people to come to see you as a trusted expert in your field.  The best way to do this is brand yourself as the authority and wellness, fitness, all natural DIY home remedies, etc., etc.  

You are not just a representative of your company.​  You are the go-to person for whatever it is that you do.

The best way to brand yourself as an expert in your field (don't worry, branding doesn't mean you need a logo or a slogan or anything at all really, it just means that you are associating yourself with a certain set of ideas) is to...

Step #3. Share content that your audience would be interested in consuming.​

Don't JUST promote your products and your business opportunity on your fan page.  Doing so is a totally ineffective strategy and will not make you stand out among the hundreds of other "me too" salespeople out there.

Share blog posts, articles, videos, podcasts (all yours or other people's) that your target audience would enjoy consuming.  

Share inspirational images and personal stories.  

Share photos of you and your family or friends, you on vacation, etc.

Your goal is 90% education, entertainment, and inspiration; 10% sales.

Why is that?

Because the more that you share that your audience finds helpful, entertaining, or inspiring, the more they will come to like and trust you.  They will value your opinion because you are giving them good stuff.

This creates a loyal following of people who are your "warm market".  They know who you are, and you have a relationship with them.  (The more you share of your own life, the more they will feel like they know you and have a relationship with you.)

Step #4. Once they ARE ready to buy or to join a business opportunity, then you are there, front and centre, as the trusted expert on the topic.

Want more tips on how to prospect online like a pro and get hot prospects to COME TO YOU?  Be sure to pick up your FREE 7 Day Guide below.  In this online prospecting bootcamp, you'll learn how to position yourself as an authority, how to find your EXACT target market, and how to become the hunted instead of the hunter.