August 15, 2016

Attraction Marketing Tips: How to Use Attraction Marketing Offline

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Do you want to have prospects for your business COME TO YOU instead of you having to hunt them down?

That is the thing that I love most about attraction marketing.  Not having to cold prospect!

Attraction marketing can actually be done just as well offline as it can online.  The benefit of online is that you get further time leverage, especially if you have a blog and/or your on a site like YouTube where your content is out there working for you ALL THE TIME.

When you start using offline attraction marketing tips to build your business, you get the benefit of more immediate results.  If you're not using paid ads, then online attraction marketing can take a serious long time to get you any traction.

Pairing online attraction marketing tips with offline will get you the best of both worlds: long term stability and leverage and fast results.

So let's talk about some offline attraction marketing tips that are PROVEN to work.

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Offline Attraction Marketing Tip #1: this is only sort of "offline".  It's offline because the events that you run are mostly in person (unless you go Google hangouts or webinars, which can work too). is this glorious website where people gather together and do things that they are ll interested in.

Want to do yoga in the park?  There's a Meetup for that.

Want to meet some ladies for coffee and cupcakes and chat about girl stuff?  There's a Meetup for thaat.

A Meetup is just a group of people who all like a certain thing and who get together and do those things.

How to Use Meetup for Building Your Business Tip #1.  

Message the organizers of Meetups that are relevant to your topic and offer to run a workshop, or a spa night, or a bootcamp in the park, or whatever it is that you do.

Introduce yourself as a businessperson, not just a representative of your company.  You're a health and wellness consultant, maybe, and you're offering free workshops on how to identify toxins in skin care products and spa nights to groups in this area.  

Or your a fitness coach and you're running free bootcamps in the park.  You think it might be something that their audience would be interested in.  Would they like to host one?

How to Use Meetup for Building Your Business Tip #2.

​Run your own Meetup.

This will cost you some monthly fee if you want to grow your group to over 100 people, but it's totally worth it.

You can run your own Meetup based on whatever it is that you do.  

Maybe you're an essential oils expert and you run workshops to teach people to use essential oils for wellness.  Maybe you do DIY spa nights and teach people how to make some luscious spa product with natural ingredients + essential oils.​

As you host events (you can host as many as you want and any kind you want), your group will grow and people who are interested in what you are doing will find you.​

Offline Attraction Marketing Tip #2: Flyers

To get this attraction marketing tip to work for you, you have to work the numbers.  

You can use this strategy either for product presentations/workshops or for business presentations/workshops.

The idea is to have some event that you do.  Maybe it's a "how to build a health and wellness business from home" event.  

Maybe it's a "nutritional supplements workshop": what's missing in your diet and how can you supplement your deficiencies?  Or learn to combat chronic illnesses and injuries with nutrition.

Create a flyer that says, "Hey!  I run these great events.  Show up HERE on THIS DATE to learn this great stuff".  Or "Host your own _______." And then list all the great stuff they'll learn and freebies they'll get.  ("Host your own girls' night in and get free facials for you and your friends".)

The trick to this is in the numbers.  You need to distribute a lot of these.

You can post them in coffee shops, on bulletin boards around town, on lamp posts...​

You can also post flyers in strategic places.  If you're with a wellness company, post flyers outside health food shops and gyms.  Do you offer free makeover nights?  Advertise near universities or gyms or salons, etc.

I heard this one story of a woman who posted flyers saying "Sick of commuting to work every morning?" at intersections into and out of town, offering a 'work from home' business consultation.

Get creative and see what works for you.​

You also need to keep in mind that most people won't care.  The trick is to have enough flyers out there working for you that a handful of people see it and get in touch.

I've personally had this work for me, but it was months later, after I had flyered an event downtown, that someone contacted me who was interested in working together.

It's just about persistence and patience.

Offline Attraction Marketing Tip #3: Business Cards

Get some business cards printed and leave them in strategic places.

You can go to your local print shop, or visit a site like Vistaprint to get really professional looking cards printed for little money.​

Some tips on making this strategy work:

  1. Brand YOU, not your company.  You're not an Arbonne consultant or aHerbalife rep, you're a health & wellness and business coach.  You're not a​ Nu Skin or a Mary Kay rep, you're a beauty & business consultant.  Get creative.  Call yourself whatever you want!  You're the boss, after all.
  2. Have some offer on your card.  Why should someone call you?  Either print something directly on the card, or staple a slip of paper with an irresistable offer to the card.  "Book your free girls' night in spa party" and leave the card + offer in spas, in gyms, in yoga studios....  "Make money while you work out!" and leave the card + offer in gyms.
  3. You need a LOT of these.  Handing out, or strategically leaving, 10 or even 100 may not get you any leads.  Leave dozens everywhere.

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