2 Questions to Ask to Help Find Readers for Your Blog

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So you've decided to start a blog to get more leads for your business.  You're excited about your products and eager to share them with the world.  And now that you're building your business online, your potential reach is literally millions of people across the world, instead of just the people that you encounter everyday in so called 'real life'.

But how do you get readers for your blog?  It's one thing to be publishing content and talking about nutrition or business building or skin care, but it's another thing to have people actually reading what you write and caring about what you say.  If you're publishing content in a ghost town, then you're really not benefiting anyone, including yourself.

So let's talk about the 2 questions that you need to ask to start getting readers for your blog.

#1. Who do you want to read your blog?

The first thing that you need to do when trying to find readers for your blog is to ask yourself, 'who do I want to read my blog?'

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This will help you find your niche market, and it will also help you generate content for your blog.  If you are writing just for family, friends, and random strangers, you will not be able to gather a loyal following of fans that you can turn into customers.

Truly successful blogs are niche specific.  That means that they target a very specific audience and solve very specific problems.  

Once you know who your​ target market is, then you can write about things that MATTER to them.  Find out what problems they are struggling with and solve them.

After you find your target audience, your next task is to create CONTENT and VALUE.  Don't just promote your blog on social bookmarking sites and social media.​  Create something of real value that matters to you (so that you are motivated to keep writing) and that matters to your audience.

Remember: getting 1000 visitors who are UN targeted is not as useful as getting to TARGETED visitors.​

Want more advice on how to define your target market?  Check out this post on 14 Questions to Ask to Find Your Perfect Prospect.

#2. How are you trying to change your readers?

​Yes, that's right.  You are trying to change your readers.  You are trying to make some impact on their lives that will change them for the better.  

Be the change.

It may be something big like helping them to launch their own business, or it may be something small like helping moms through potty training toddlers.  (That's what we're doing in this house this week.  Blogging and mopping up pee.)

Great blogs actually leave a mark on people and change their readers.  How are you going to IMPACT your readers?

Being able to answer question #2 is what will set you up for word of mouth​ advertising.  When your readers get real value from your blog and come away having improved their lives in some small way, then they will start to tell their friends about you.  

This is when you start to see your organic reach grow and you get to the point where your content and go viral.

​In summary: Make sure you are asking these 2 questions to get readers for your blog, extend your reach, and set yourself up for going viral.

  1. Who are you trying to reach?
  2. What change are you trying to bring?

Happy blogging!

Rebecca Vendetti


Rebecca Vendetti

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Rebecca is a mother of young twins, a Ph.D. candidate at McMaster University, and a total content marketing ninja. She is the founder and creator of RebeccaVendetti.com and also runs an online organic skin care business at LiveSimpleLiveOrganic.com.

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