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Hello and welcome!  My name is Rebecca and I am a network marketing mommy.  After trying and totally failing at building my business the traditional way, I took to online marketing and I now help other network marketers build profitable businesses online.  Never do home parties, cold calling, or hotel meetings again!

Resources & Training

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Simple Video Script for Network Marketers

FACT: Most marketing videos SUCK! Here’s a short word-for-word script that’ll transform your simple 2 minute video in a raging lead generation machine.

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Blogging Secrets of the Pros

Discover 10 Powerful Blogging Secrets of the Pros That Dramatically Increase Your Readership and turn your Prospects into Raving Fans!

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Facebook Cheat Sheets for Prospecting on Social Media 

Get the Top 3 Free Cheat Sheets to have by your side each and every time you set up your Facebook Ads.

The Latest From Rebecca's Blog

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While extroverts may seem to have the obvious advantage in network marketing, introverts have some untapped superpowers when it superpowers when it comes to network marketing.
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Video is an extremely effective method of getting your message across and reaching thousands of people. Let's talk about how to create videos that people will actually watch, and how to get your videos found by your audience.
How to Sell Products When You Can’t Say Your NWM Company’s Name in Public
You can still build a rockstar business online, even if your company doesn't want you using their name or directly promoting on the internet. Here's how.
Network Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing | What’s The Difference & Which One is Best for You?
Network marketing and affiliate marketing are two super awesome ways to earn an income online. Here's the main difference between them, and how to use them together if you don't want to pick just one.
Is Your Network Marketing Company About to Change? | Network Marketing in the Post-“FTC Settlement” Era
Back in July, the U.S. government passed some new rules for Herbalife, an iconic network marketing company. Experts are suggesting that these new rules may soon affect all of us in the network marketing industry. So what happened with Herbalife and how might it impact your business?